25 June 2005


Feeling culturally smug at present. Last week I went to the Malthouse to see 'Alias Grace', the one-woman play based on the Margaret Atwood book. It was excellent and quite faithful to the book. Next week it's 'Jiri' at The Australian Ballet, and last night I took Son No. 1 to a Melbourne Symphony Orchestra concert. (Good Mother Points: 5). Son No. 1 is 11 years old and his hobbies include downloading classical music from the internet and knitting, obsessively. However, lest you think we have created a total nerd, (he IS the prototype, the one we practised on and experimented on occasionally), his other more normal-pre-adolescent-male-child hobby is building bombs. The recipe for a bomb that makes an 11-year-old boy happy, I can say with some authority, includes: sparklers, party poppers and those little caps that go in cap guns, all deconstructed and pressed into a film canister. I am hoping that by condoning this new interest and allowing it to continue, under close supervision and with appropriate safety nets in place, it will burn itself out fairly soon, although it's been a few months now ... I must admit though, the bombs are quite spectacular.

lanterns for winter solstice


and last year's lanterns, cos I just can't do night photos with this camera


Jane said...

Thanks for your brilliant comments on my blog.

Your son sounds like he has a healthy balance of interests. He could alwyas co-ordinate 'son et lumiere' extravaganzas - and knit during them?

kath red said...

sounds like a cool little boy. my husband was quite the pyro as a child - i am afraid to say he never grew out of it.