23 June 2005

Happy Winter Solstice

So my exam is over and I'm free for a whole MONTH and I can now read a book of my own CHOICE and take up my knitting needles again (gnomey hat by hello yarn, thanks SouleMama for the inspiration) or go to bed deliciously early instead of staying up with textbooks till the wee small hours ... But here it is 11pm and am I in bed or being crafty with needles or catching up on important correspondence? No I'm sitting here discovering the joys of blogland!! I have found some wonderful reads, which are probably old hat to all of you old hands (?) but to a newcomer to blogworld ... well I'm just delirious. But as I am not terribly technical, and as I am rather tired, what with exams and textbooks and the fact that it's 11pm, the idea of pasting htmls and so on is too overwhelming and so I will do it tomorrow. Promise. I must confess I am flattered to find all these comments appearing after my posts, as I thought no one would ever read this, and yet at the same time a little scared. What if there are strange axe-murders out there (not you people, of course) who will track me down, or just send horrible emails.

Last night after the exam a few of us went to the pub. Now, I am at uni with 19 year olds - kids who weren't even conceived last time I was at uni. It's scary. I am the token old person, and I'm not even old. Well, I am to them. Scary. Anyway so after one glass of wine on an empty stomach and a head full of adrenalin (is that where adrenalin ends up?) after the exam, I came out of the blogcloset and told two of them I had a blog. I haven't even told my best friend I have a blog. My husband doesn't even know as he is a total computer-illiterate and doesn't even know where the on button is and is used to me spending hours in here on the computer for "research" (yes, real academic research) anyway. Anyway Fellow Students both now want their own blogs. So I have emailed them the blogger url and told them I won't give away my nom de blog until they show me they have set up their own. But now I think they'll find me easily and laugh and tell their other cool twentysomething friends and they'll all laugh at me next semester when I have to face them again. Oh stop being paranoid - they are just as daft as I am, only younger. And cooler. And without mortgages and children.

Note to self: stay off red wine

Nother note to self: keep blogging, don't care what other people think, this blog is for me anyway.

See you tomorrow.

P.S. Happy Winter Solstice (yesterday) for all you other southern hemispherites. My kids' school had a midwinter festival - everyone made beautiful handmade lanterns, gathered for a story at 5pm, then went on a lantern walk followed by soup and a bonfire. Except me. I was at the pub with my hip new twentysomething friends recovering from exam. Bad mother, bad mother! (I did get there, I was just late ...)


kath red said...

keep on blogging keep on blogging. it is scary at first. but a few drinks does always help;)

shellyC said...

yes i too am at Uni with loads of very young kids!!I have tried to curb my eyebrow raising at the thought of some of these kids ending up teaching MY children!!

Still it is all fun and I have learnt a lot..from them.

Chloe said...

Don't worry about the axe-murderers - it is the stash-thieves that scare me!!! (only kidding)