15 June 2005

midweek domesticities

Tamarillos in the back yard

I'm reading 'Peter Duck' to the boys each night before bed at the moment. This is one in the Arthur Ransome 'Swallows and Amazons' series, which I adored as a child and read over and over. It's wonderful to see my children enjoying them as much as I did ... I was afraid they might find them old fashioned (they were written in the 1930s).

Son #3 and I had a quiet domestic day making rice pudding, doing laundry, and he watched a Beatrix Potter video in the afternoon (the no tv policy goes out the window when they're sick, I reckon ...). I ventured outside into the cold grey garden and picked some tamarillos. They were almost glowing, hanging there like little red lanterns and I couldn't resist taking a photo. We then promptly turned them into muffins. Yum.

I'm knitting some little pink flowers at the moment, which I want to turn into brooches, or a cluster on one brooch, for my brown felted jacket. The knitting bit is fine, it's the sewing up I detest.

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arc said...

swallows and amazons is fab! my husband is a sailor and he bought the book on ebay.