26 June 2005

weekend bits

The Preps made gumnut gnomes last week. Son No. 3 brought his home proudly and I thought they were so beautiful I made a whole family (competitive, moi?). They are standing about gossiping, as gnomes do, on a piece of old embroidery I found in an opshop last week. Other pieces I found in the same shop:

Speaking of vintage linens, I am particularly besotted with Yarnstorm's Florence-Margery and Muriel Fay. Can't wait to meet Verity Rose. (But how can one bear to cut up those gorgeous old cloths and doilies?)

This week I've been enjoying reading Blackbird's and Susie Sunshine's blogs, both of whom are mothers of multiple boys ... hmmm, sounds familiar I think?

And to end our week of culture, we took the boys to the National Gallery to see the Dutch Masters exhibition - simply glorious. My personal favourite? It had to be the painting titled 'Mother Delousing Her Child'. Son No. 3, clearly thrilled to discover that Renaissance children suffered the 'Weekly Check' too, (albeit dressed in interesting bodices and ruff collars), shouted in glee 'Look, she's being Checked just like us this morning, Mummy!' The crowd discreetly melted away from us, and bingo, we had an unencumbered view of the remainder of the exhibits.

Note to self: iron those linens

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blackbird said...

Youngest was checked a few weeks ago.
He told me that they used something like chopsticks and told some bs story about what they were doing.
He saw right through it --- and read the document on the school nurses desk and reported back to me on EXACTLY WHO HAD LICE!
Little spy.