4 July 2005

20 things I believe in

Today I made a new friend. It feels good.

Things I believe in

1. buying local
2. organic food
3. recycling and reusing
4. stories at bedtime, every bedtime, no matter how old the children are
5. good children's literature
6. the value of play
7. solitude, regularly
8. lifelong learning, formal or informal
9. rituals
10. English Breakfast tea
11. whole food
12. making a home beautiful
13. noticing the little things
14. restricting children's electronic media exposure
15. increasing children's exposure to the arts
16. the importance of my women friends
17. good grammar
18. lipstick
19. life is too short to drink low fat milk
20. the thrill of making a new friend


chench said...

Love your blog and your list. I might have moved "little things" #13 higher on the list though. :-)

blackbird said...

for me!

Shell said...

I agree with most of them, but especially numbers 19!

Suse said...

ha ha ha
I should have added to the title "... in no particular order"

Loretta said...

Wow, everything except 19, and I live in Melb too!
Discoverd you via Blackbird's blog. How great to find a good blog in its early stages.
I've been considering starting one for the last 6 months but have been spending my time just reading others'.