18 July 2005

creative pursuits

All in all it was a creative weekend here at Chez Soup.

I made a horse to go with the little wooden cart found in an op shop recently

Mr Soup painted the hallway (excuse bad photo ... poor light ... the green is much greener in real life)

and Son No. 1 enjoyed a little pyrotechnical expression. This is one of his bombs, photodocumented for posterity:

It starts off innocently enough

When the sparkler reaches the main body of the bomb it flares up and excites small brothers

Suddenly ... whoosh!

and finally the caps buried inside explode, adding a satisfying aural element to proceedings.

The dog whimpers, the audience applauds. The child bows.

We are so proud.


SueeeuS said...

Love the horse and the pyrotechnics!! Gorgeous hallway too.

maria said...

great report on the weekend! i love the sciene experiment ... i am sure he was so proud! have a good week, mav

blackbird said...

can I just say that my kids just spent a week lighting fires (in a fire pit) and traipsing around with cork-popping rifles...none of this is terribly politically correct.

and the hallway! love the hallway!
would love to see the whole house.

Mojavi said...

where in the world did you get a pattern for a horse :)

dani said...

He is such a cute horse.

Suse said...

Aaah Mojavi ... our children go to a Steiner school, so I have patterns for knitted horses, cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and ducks. Take your pick. ;)

Barb said...

I Looooove that horse! I love the texture of it. I want one!