20 July 2005

good things, bad things

• I have a headache
• I'm cold
• The oven has not miraculously repaired itself overnight
• I am craving lasagne, apple crumble, anzac bikkies, cake. Anything cooked in ovens.
• I hate the word 'bikkie'. Also choccie, brekkie, googy-egg (ughh ... gag ...), hubby
• Went into uni this morning to sign up for tutorials and collect reading material
• The house smells of new paint
• Maybe this is the cause of the headache?
• Must buy tim tams
• And sweets
• Must be hormonal
• My new glasses are ready to be collected
• Have been falling in love with A Life in Wales.

Word(s) for the day: flotsam and jetsam


blackbird said...

we often refer to the boys as flotsam and jetsam -- (imagine how cute it would be to have named them that on the blog? a bit much tho)
eat something salty
eat something sweet -- it will cure everything.

Jane said...

Just where do 'flotsam and jetsam' come from - and where do they go? I think they are wonderful words too - but can you ever have them apart, I wonder?

SueeeuS said...

What are bikkies, choccies, brekkies, and googy-eggs? Snackies? ;) I know hubbies aren't snackies, usually. Sorry about the headache. I had one too. Must have been sun spots. Hope you're feeling better!!

maria said...

love the list. you've inspired me! thanks, mav

Suse said...

Ok ...

my friend said I need to turn off the computer and drink lots of water to get rid of the headache. (It worked. But I still ate the sweets anyway).

Flotsam - the wreckage OF a shipwreck, ie the bits of wood and rigging of the ship floating about and being washed up.

Jetsam - the stuff JETTISONED FROM a shipwreck at time of sinking, ie. the crap thrown overboard to lighten the load in a futile attempt to save the ship.

Bikkie - Strayan shortened term for biscuit
Brekkie - Strayan short term for breakfast
Choccie - ditto, chocolate
Hubby - international for husband
Googy egg - (makes me puke to even write it) Strayan babytalk for egg. Blurrcchh.
Strayan - Australian for Australian

kath red said...

mmmmmm word snob. i am all about the brekkie! but seriously aren't we all word snobs occasionally I cringe when I hear a 'k' where an 'ng' should be. people think my kids are mad because they go around saying things like 'hark a bird' or 'behold a green car'.

Darwin Chery said...

Where can I to learn abt it in detail?