21 July 2005

I joined in!

I joined in Blackbird's interactive internet game. Here are my answers to the questions she posed to ME.

1. You have to have an amputation (but all is fine, you just HAVE to choose) pinkie toe or pinkie?

Pinkie-toe. Cos I can hide my unsightly pinkie-stump under extravagantly expensive and exquisitely decorated beaded slippers while recuperating from said amputation.

2. What's your favorite beer?

Gin and tonic. Oh ok, Corona with a lime wedge. I know I know I'm a walking cliche.

3. Who would you rather get stuck in an elevator with? Jennifer Anniston or Angelina Jolie?

Angelina Jolie. More interesting tattoos. And cute baby (I am sooooo clucky).

4. What was your first car?

Dark green Honda Scamp. (A Scamp is the same size as a Fiat Bambino - basically a lawn mower with a roof.) Cost me $900 when I was 19. Once we crammed four people and a double bass in it, but it only made it halfway up Punt Road hill that night. Had to pull into a side street as Scamp got slower and slower ... and cars behind began hooting ... stop to rest, then rev and begin again. Nervously.

5. Quick! tell me your husband's shoe size!

Size 7! We all have freakishly petite feete in this family!
PS. I have no idea what size that is in European or American shoe sizes! Small anyway! (Was that quick enough?) And enough exclamation marks?!

1 comment:

BabelBabe said...

Freakishly petite feet. Should be the name of some out-there band.

I love this game, it amuses me. But then I love those silly email surveys too....