12 July 2005

joie de vivre

I collect the children from school. First day back after the winter holidays. They are subdued. It's cold and dull outside. So we put the Neville Brothers cd on, loud. They perk up. They dance!
There is a special beauty in watching a 6 year old dance. And hearing a 9 year old belt out at the top of his voice "Just give me music or give me death (doo be doo be doo), It's gotta have a beat, the kind that makes me sweat!"
The 11 year old classical violinist retreats to his room to shut out our blasphemy.


kath red said...

i loved this post.

ladylinoleum said...

You have a lovely home...and it sounds like a fabulous family too! Very nice.

Thanks for stopping by my blog...totally appreciate your comment. I will stopping by here from time to time too! Yay!

~ Regina