1 July 2005

kitchen views

A little while ago Shelly and her mum posted views from their kitchen windows. I kind of liked this idea (and their views) and thought I'd show mine. My kitchen is a long galley kitchen overlooking the family room, but at the end of it is a glass door to the garden. This is what I look out on

shed door

Not quite the same far horizon. We have a teeny tiny garden, and in it is a teeny tiny shed that was quite ugly until we painted it blue with a hot pink roof and stapled plastic geckoes/lizards over it (see how many you can find). Now it is less ugly.

The view from my kitchen sink into the family room looks like this


I wonder what it says about me, that I so enjoy the rhythm and routine one finds in blogworld? That I like order within my chaos? I love how there's Self Portrait Tuesdays, and port2port do Take Your Pet to Blog Day on Thursdays, and there's a tussle between Photo Friday and Illustration Friday and Say La Vee's Show and Tell Friday (today was toothbrush but I just couldn't get it done in time).

PS. Digital camera helpers: please tell me what colour knitted (sadly, not felted) flower brooch you would like. Hot pink, pale pink, plummy purple? Place your requests now!

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blackbird said...

you still have time for Show and Tell!
We do a 24 hour period as we live all over the world.
Show us!