6 July 2005

a list

some things I like, in no particular order

1. the nape of No. 3's neck
2. autumn leaves
3. Bach and Handel (ok I know that's two ...)
4. No. 2's sense of humour
5. old fashioned crockery
6. photography
7. old fashioned roses
8. singing 'Blue Moon' to No. 2 every night
9. B's hands
10. maltesers
11. No. 1's generosity
12. knitting
13. No. 2's out of control laugh
14. watching No. 2 with his dog
15. watching No. 1 with his violin
16. the owl and the pussycat
17. Venice
18. lists
19. a glass of merlot and dark chocolate in winter
20. gin & tonic and milk chocolate in summer
21. singing
22. community
23. raspberries
24. breastfeeding
25. interesting glasses
26. op shopping
27. the sound of the cello
28. porridge, every morning
29. a pregnant belly
30. my family
31. calligraphy
32. ladybirds
33. Circus Oz
34. Leunig
35. pure cotton sheets
36. smoked salmon
37. 1964 Volkswagon Carmen Ghia
38. whimsy
39. Royal Botanic Gardens (Melbourne)
40. my snot-green dead-yak coat
41. Tom Stoppard
42. quince
43. words

some more words for yesterday's list ... whimsy wistful pipkin groat and tippet (the last three are from Beatrix Potter's 'The Tailor of Gloucester'. I like the fact that I can increase my vocabulary by reading literature meant for toddlers. I even looked them up in the dictionary.)

1 comment:

Chloe said...

1. There is an apostophobic webpage out there - must find it for you.

2. Someone once wrote a poem for me that started:

Alas, alack, oh woe is me - I've gone and lost apostrophe,
That elegant, discursive hook, that once adorned most ev'ry book.

Must find it again.

3. If you highlight what you want to be italic or bold, in the compose mode (not sure it is there in html mode) and then click on the b or i on the toolbar immediately above, you will get it.

If you are working totally in html, and it is not in your toolbar, there are codes that blogger won't allow me to post in comment mode. Drop me a line a kapana[at]netspace.net.au and I will send them.

4. :)