6 July 2005

lovely lovely day

Yesterday was a blustery sunny winter's day spent at the Botanic Gardens.

Somersault competitions were held.


No. 1 officiated.

Then it was time for quieter activities ...

No. 1 took his book

No. 2 took his dog (the photo is actually of dog and No. 3 ...)

No. 3 took his own seating arrangements. And his knitting.

The patriarch snoozed.
Try not to look up his nose. But please do notice the complicated cable stitch aran jumper. Because it took me 12 years to knit. Yes really.

I sat snug in the bosom of my family.


Jane said...

What, you didn't do somersaults as well?!

Son No 3 is an absolute picture - priceless. Hope he keeps up the knitting.

blackbird said...

am now putting no.3 on my list of men to marry.

he looks like a wee elfkin.

blackbird said...

very waldorfian, the knitting.

blackbird said...

did I not mention that Oldest writes poetry and sculpts in ice and butter?

blackbird said...

heh heh...

kath red said...

i love that pic of your boy knitting

Suse said...

Look! I have a regular reader! (Hi blackbird! Hi!)

Gina said...

OOooh, a knitting elf. AND a complicated 12-year jumper! (My own beloved tells me all good things take at least 12 years. I don't think whisky aging and knitting are really so similar though...)