22 July 2005


I've been thinking nostalgically of my old Honda Scamp, thanks to that Q&A game a couple of posts ago and wondered if I could find a photo online as I don't have any of my own. I found this. The little red car, third one down on the left, is a Scamp. Scamps have two cylinders only, sound like a bee on speed, and have air-cooled engines (ie. no radiator). When we took mine for a test drive prior to forking over the $900, it was running on one cylinder. They offered to fix it so we bought the car. It took us 3 weeks to find reverse gear, so I spent nearly a month driving around and around looking for parking spots that didn't require backing out of, and never making 3-point turns. It was a car with personality.


Chloe said...

How could you describe that as a sort of lawn mower??? Or words of that description.

Isn't that a self-propelled tool box???

(Bit like my Humber Vogue, my first car - now THAT was personality plus. Trouble was, its personality plus was that of a great-grandmother)

blackbird said...

hole lee god, I love love love that car.

I had an MG.

Drove it until I was 9 months pregnant.

BabelBabe said...

I love it - it looks like the current Mini Coopers. Too cute.

My first car was a full-size bright orange Ford F150 pickup truck. At the time I weighed maybe 100 lbs soaking wet. I must have been a comical sight. But God how I loved that truck.

Suse said...

Hee hee. An old boyfriend of mine used to pick me up from work in a duck-egg blue MG. I felt soooo hip. (I don't miss him in the least, but sometimes I still dream about that car ...)

SueeeuS said...

I had a Subaru GL hatchback that I bought from my brother for $350, and drove for many years. I bought it after selling my sleeeeeek Mercedes 350SLC, so I called it my humble car. It enabled many things in my life (used the Benz proceeds as downpayment on real estate which I've just sold at a tidy profit). I loved that car! It was SO RELIABLE. It had giant circles of rust and was covered in moss when I got it. I actually cleaned it with a bristly scrub brush! It was sort of white underneath the green layer of moss. My friends at work called it my Welfare Mom car and felt sorry for me. It served me well.