12 July 2005

self portrait tuesday

Here's a rather pretentious one, cos I am taking myself a tad seriously these days.


This is where I am at right now. Enjoying this space between semesters to read whatever I want to. And in the middle is the Homer, the biggie, which I have to (re)read before the 25th of July. So it's there to remind me.

And the glasses, and the white and blue tiles of my kitchen. Voila, c'est moi.


BabelBabe said...

we apparently have much the same reading tastes - I loved Year of Wonders (I love plague books... : ) and yes, I am indeed serious, if it concerns a plague, I'll read it; if it's well-written, a bonus!). Adored Time Traveller's Wife, also Fine Balance. And just picked up Perfume to start sometime after I finish Son the Circus. I think I'll skip the Homer though.

Mojavi said...

good picks, i am reading the tortilla curtain for my wino book club.. I love to read.

Jane said...

Not pretentious, at all. What are you studying?

I'm so pleased you've come clean about Kate Chopin's 'The Awakening' - I thought I was the only person in the world who didn't think it marvellous.

Suse said...

Um, come clean about what? I think you read someone else's blog Jane!

However, I may have mentioned that everyone loves Tim Winton, except me.

I'm doing an arts degree (again, cos I didn't finish my first one 20 years ago). Mostly classics and history, with a little English Lit thrown in here and there (Shakespeare, last semester).

blackbird said...

oooh literary.
and tiled.

Loretta said...

Well, I've got the children's version of The Odyssey of Homer on my bedside table. Probably about the level I can handle!
Also loved The time traveller's wife. Hated Perfume though - can't remember why - read it years ago.

dani said...

Perfume and The Life of Pi are amongst my favourites. I'm currently struggling through Somersault by Kenzaburo Oe.

Suse said...

Hi Loretta, is the Rosemary Sutcliffe version, called The Wanderings of Odysseus? We have just read that to our boys and they loved it. The Odyssey is far more interesting than The Iliad, in my humble opinion.

Loretta said...

No, it's retold by Barbara Leonie Picard, illustrated by Joan Kiddell-Monroe, published in 1952 by Oxford University Press. (Blimey, you can't keep a good ex-librarian down!) Just having a flick through it now, I could *almost* see my 5 yo daughter getting into it. Maybe after we finish The Little House on the Prairie books.
Like your blog v. much.