29 July 2005

Show and tell - front porch

Show and Tell: Front porch

Here's mine. Not much to tell. Wait ... yes there is. On the front verandah we have a watering can, a shoe rack, a twig broom, and a cat. Botanically speaking there are two cumquat trees, one on either side of the front step. Heritage apricot climbing roses adorn the two verandah posts (Crepuscule, and Buff Beauty).

We bought the house 10 years ago. The front verandah was concrete. We replaced it with wood, as it would have been originally. The house is about 100 years old.





See the cumquats!

See the blue sky! (See the rusty red roof!) It is a beautiful winter's day here today. See the rose, blooming in JUNE!? (Crepuscule, 1904 noisette climbing rose)

An elderly cat called Meg lives on our front verandah. She used to live in the house, then we got a greyhound and she retired to the verandah. The patriarch found her an old cane chair in a dumpster and the children made her cushions to recline on. She is enjoying her retirement. (The rear cushion has the words "Meggie Moo" embroidered on it).




Her best friend these days is the watering can. She is not very bright.

Word for the day: besom


SueeeuS said...

I love that the patriarch went dumpster diving!!

Jane said...

Fab pictures - what a great verandah.

Besom makes me laugh because it's only a vowel away from bosom and yet so very different in meaning, being associated with witches. There's been a resurgence here in besom brushes since Harry Potter - I think the word would have fallen into disuse otherwise, which would have been a pity.

blackbird said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful!

BabelBabe said...

Can I come live on your porch with Meg? I promise to bring my own cushions.

It looks so pretty and peaceful.

Camilla Engman said...

Wonderful porch!
A porch like that is in the top of my house dreams.

(found your link on port2port)

Shell said...

What a beautiful verandah. The house looks so lovely and picturesque - very charming really. =)

Maggie Ann said...

Love your pictures!