14 July 2005

take your pet to blog day

This one is for arc and mav at port2port. Because I like rhythm in my life.

he misses them

The children have returned to school. The beast is missing them. He lies here amongst the detritus of family life (roller blades, toy soldiers), looking wistful.

In other news,

Thanks to the Lady Linoleum I have been singing

Once was a girl in a pale pink coat,
yodel-layee-odel-ayee-odel-ay hey ho!
She yodelled back to the lonely goatherd-alayee-odel-ayee-odel oh!'

all day.

I want to make a skirt out of the Passing Ships fabric from cabbages and roses dot com. But due to the exchange rate I think it will have to be a pincushion.

Thanks to maria, chloe, sck and others, I have been practising italics and bold, diligently.

Word for the day: brouhaha


ladylinoleum said...

We all need to yodel daily. Statistics show that if one yodels daily, one may avoid devastating brouhahas which are prone to provoke life's detritrus into wild tornados that can be disturbing to the average dog.

Amazing pic! Love it.

Mojavi said...

I could go for a really good brouhahas tonight. :)

pixi said...

your dog is wayyyyyyyyy cooool