7 July 2005

tentative explorations

I have been exploring the far off hitherto unexplored regions of Blogland. On my expedition I discovered:

1. there are many people for whom Star Wars is much more than a film. This worries me. One day they might have children and those children will grow up thinking this is normal. Those children will then go out into the world. Some of them may end up in important positions.
2. there is a blogger out there who uses the word 'set' for 'sit' and 'sat'. Is this her own little idiosyncracy or is there a part of the world where people spell sit 'set'? This intrigues me.
3. there are many bloggers who knit a jumper or woollen toy every few days. This amazes me and makes me feel inadequate.
4. American people use one 'l' for many words where Australians and English people use two. (woollen, chilli, travelling, unravelled)
5. There are a lot of technically proficient people out there. I could learn a lot from them if I took the time. But my eyes start to drip blood and it's time to leave.
6. Many bloggers take themselves very very seriously. This amuses me at first. Then it makes me sleepy and it's time to leave.
7. Kath has the most exquisite looking girl child in the world.
8. So does that talented Portugese blogger.
9. Some bloggers make me snort English Breakfast tea all over my keyboard.
10. There are more errant apostrophes than you can poke a stick at. This annoys me.
11. There are other Pea Soups out there. One is a consultant in Chicago AND London, and the other studies psychiatric epidemiology. Both are men.
12. I am spending way too much time on the computer. I have still not learnt how to do bold or italics.


Big Dave T said...

As far as one "L" or two, in college they taught us that if the emphasis was on the syllable that contained the L, then double the L. For example, repelled.

Of course, since it's English and we're Americans, we make our own rules.

Suse said...

Aha! I like that explanation, thanks. (And welcome, big dave)

amanda said...

This is hysterical--and so true!! I'm a violator of the too frequent commas, I can't help it. I love them.

blackbird said...

I will address a few -- not in defense or anything, but just because I cannot shut up.
1. Yeah. What of it?
2. I know of a blogger who is THE WORST SPELLER on the face of the earth. She seems very nice but couldn't she use spell check?
3. I could, but I don't.
4. I am constantly dropping the second "L" off travelling. I write "catalogue" as well. comes from working with an english publisher.
7.Kath who?
8.And she herself is beautiful.
12.I learn some new blog thing almost every day. Plus they keep changing the way to do things.

Chloe said...

1. Strange - I left a comment but it got lost. May have been its earlier HTML.

2. Someone once wrote a poem for me that started:
Alas, alack, oh woe is me, I've gone and lost apostrophe,
That elegant, discursive hook, that once adorned most ev'ry book ....

3. In the compose mode, highlight the text you want to bold etc, and then click on the b or the i (for italic) on the small toolbar immediately above the text.

4. If that doesn't work, write to me at kapana[at]netspace.net.au and I will send you the html codes - but the other way is easier

5. :)

6. I hope I didn't put the comment on someone else's blog by mistake. They will think I am nuts!!!!

Suse said...

Chloe ... I heard Lynne Truss read that poem. A woman after my own heart. (Thanks for tips re b and i. Will test)

Blackbird ... um Star Wars is a film. Not a way of life. Can you really knit a jumper a week? It takes me months ... I'm impressed. Kath Red's daughter. Exquisite! (How else does one spell catalogue?)

Jane said...

Great observations. There is a (barely heard) campaign here in the UK to ban the apostrophe altogether on the grounds that it is redundant and that people can work out the meaning from the context. What would English grocers with their banana's and apple's and mango's do?

blackbird said...

When your first date is the original Star Wars, you potty train your Oldest with figures of Luke and Han (18 years ago) and find yourself sitting in a darkened theater watching three children watch the movie 25 years later...well there is some impact there.
We don't, however, attend any conventions and I've never worn the metal bikini.

Mojavi said...

great statements. My favorite was the one of people who took themselves to seriously.


Suse said...

ha ha ha, blackbird, I just went and looked at your star wars posts. I might just change my mind. A little bit. Cos you managed not to wear the metal bikini and you appear reassuringly, adorably sane. But can you speak the language? (I saw an episode of Frasier where the star wars geek teaches Frasier to read his son's bahmitvah speech in star wars language, while F thinks he is being taught to speak it in Yiddish.)

blackbird said...

I think, and I am so sorry to say this, that you mistake a STAR TREK language -- Klingon -- for a STAR WARS language (there really IS NO Star Wars language). I am ashamed to admit this, but I happen to know that there are more Americans who are fluent in Klingon (the STAR TREK language) than there are Americans who speak Navaho (a Native American language). This is both a frightening statistic and it is frightening that I have knowledge of it.

kath red said...

thankyou on behalf of my daughter. re.other observation, i am scared i might fall into the bad grammar and too many commas and apostrophes categories.

love your lists

Suse said...

Well you can tell just how far away from being a sci fi freak I am. Of course, it WAS Star Trek. I remember now. But aren't they the same thing ... really ... ;)

juju said...

Don't worry about the hardcore Star Wars people, they don't procreate.

maria said...

hello! what a great list!! :)
in case you want to know...
to do Bold you surround your word with a "" and a "" at the end.
great posts on your blog!
cheers, mav

maria said...

oh shoot... in my past post it was turned into BOLD.
hmmmm. let me try it this way.
to bold you type a "<" and then a "B" followed by a ">" on the front side of your bolded word and on the backside you type a "<" and then a "/" followed by a "B" and then a ">" ... oh i hope this makes sense. let me know? :) mav

stephanie said...

For the record: "unraveled" is the correct American English spelling. I was so bothered by the thought that all the Aussie and Brit readers assumed I had misspelled my blog name that I changed to "little birds". Hmmm, maybe I just take myself too seriously?

Enjoyed this list and all the others.

Barb said...

I love the idea of these lists. I love the fact that you enjoy how words come together. I just found out about the "100 Things about Me" lists (I just mentioned this on my own blog), and I'm fascinated. Maybe I should have studied linguistics, because language fascinates me.

dani said...

Without wanting to take myself too seriously here - I am now feeling totally paranoid. I know my grammar is awful and use apostrophe's badly.

This has been a very funny and cool post!!