27 July 2005


A jumbly, eclectic sort of day. Bits of my many selves.

In the morning I donned the corporate costume and caught a taxi to the city for an 8.00am meeting with important people, including the Vice Chancellor of the institution where I work. Mr Soup packed the children's lunchboxes and did the school run.

In the afternoon I joined a small group of women in the hall at our children's school and we sang our hearts out. We sang a miners' song, an aboriginal blessing, an 80's Tears for Fears song, an ecclesiastical number in Latin that soared to the ceiling and sounded glorious and oh so godly, and something else that defies description but was about a river, flowing and growing. One of the teachers put her head around the door and we turned, expecting her to ask us to keep it down (we were clapping and stomping and being rather loud at one point) but she grinned, put her thumbs up and said 'sounds fabulous!' before disappearing back to her class. Following this wonderfully cathartic session we enjoyed a biscuit and cup of tea together before collecting our children with beatific smiles on our faces.

Home for tea and chai and cake with the children. Picked tamarilloes from our tree. Greeted husband. Cooked dinner. Watched Frasier on tv and knitted until my wrist ached. Cup of tea in bed and read Book I of Homer's Iliad in preparation for lectures tomorrow.

I feel blessed and fulfilled juggling work, study, children, friends, singing and other creative pursuits, a home.

I also feel exhausted much of the time.

Word for the day: protean


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blackbird said...

I like days like that though.
You get so much done -- summer sucks the life from our days...