10 July 2005

Where are your big brothers?

Yesterday it rained all day. The children found my old typewriter (from The Olden Days, as they call anything prior to 1995) and spent a happy couple of hours tapping away, composing deep and meaningful gobbledygook. I heard a few giggles and whispers but didn't take much notice. Later that afternoon No. 3, who is just beginning to learn writing and reading and all that spelling stuff, came up to me proudly.

No. 3: Guess what. I know what Mummy begins with.
Me: Mmmm hmmm? (distracted by really good book)
No. 3: M!
Me: That's right! Well done my love.
No. 3: And I know what Daddy begins with.
Me: Do you? What darling?
No. 3: D!
Me: Uh huh. Brilliant child.
No. 3: And I know what the F word begins with!
(shocked pause)
No. 3: F!!!

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blackbird said...

the child is obviously a freakin genius.