28 August 2005

Blogging as an opportunity to show off

The bossy one (and a couple of others I now notice) demanded photos of recent endeavours. So, with no further ado ...

Son No. 2's pants. (No. 3's are identical. These blue ones don't yet have the waist elastic)


Son No. 1's pants, complete with waist elastic ...


... and a label so it looks "like bought clothes"


Best Friend and I, who share a name, used to have a small clothing business. We used to sell our stuff at a stall at Camberwell Market, and at several small boutiques in Chapel St, Fitzroy and the city. We have lots of labels to use up so every time I make something for the children I sew a label in. Only a thousand or so to go ...

Curtain in younger boys' bedroom. Doesn't photograph well, does it?


Sourdough dough


Sourdough in oven. There's me in the reflection. Hi!!!


Sourdough bread!

For dinner tonight with minestrone soup, currently simmering away on the stove.


For Sueeeus, who queried the term 'op shop'. An op shop is an abbreviation for 'opportunity shop'. The Australian way to say 'thrift shop' or 'charity shop'. I like the note of optimism it implies.


blackbird said...

so very efficient...
I love those pants - I especially appreciate the lack of zippers.
Younger boys never use them.

blackbird said...

oh, and, can you send a zip bag of that soup with some bread over to Tuvalu?

kath red said...

mmmmm that bread looks fab

SueeeuS said...

Love the fringe!!! And that your boys will wear them! Such a productive day. You go girl!