27 August 2005

Just popping in briefly

I have been absent of late, I know.

I have a desk that is only large enough for a computer OR a sewing machine. And given that I use the computer for study, work and of course the most important of all, blogging, the sewing machine doesn't usually get a look in. But we are gearing up to sell our house, which means I must sew curtains. Two lots of curtains. One dark blue and the other blue and white toile. So the computer was pushed to the very back of the desk and the old Singer plonked on top.

Ever the procrastinator, I searched for OTHER things to sew. I found three pairs of pants already cut out from two old chenille bedspreads, one brown one duck egg blue, so sewed them up and presented a pair each to the children who were suitably impressed. I even managed to get the fringe from the bedspread on the bottoms of the blue pants which thrilled Sons No. 2 and 3. (No. 1 is a little too old for that sort of thing and prefers a plain hem).

Then I sewed a cushion cover out of a blanket off-cut (are you sensing a thrifty theme here?) in pink and white checks. Broke four sewing machine needles on the heavy duty wool fabric, but got there eventually. Then I sewed a dog cushion for the hound. He too was suitably impressed. Meanwhile the patriarch was wondering when the curtains were going to appear. But no, I had a batch of muffins to bake and another attempt at sourdough bread to, um, attempt.

Finally, finally, I made a start on the dark blue curtains. I haven't finished them mind you, but I have made a start. And so I feel justified in hauling the computer to the fore again to catch up on this blogging life. (Ooh, title for future blog! In which I will be far wittier and more creative! "This Blogging Life". ) (Oh it's probably taken anyway).

Note to self: buy bigger desk.


blackbird said...

I would like to SEE some of these projects!

bossy aren't I?

stephanie said...

yes, pictures?

Jane said...

I love to hear of a little displacement activity going on in other people's lives. Do you think Dickens/Woolf/Pepys all had 'stuff' that had to be done every day before they could actually write? No, probably not, which is why we are bloggers and not world-famous writers.

Thanks so much for your much-appreciated recent comments on my blog.

SueeeuS said...

Love the fringed pants. Must SEE!!!