16 August 2005

pots and pans


A set of copper saucepans winged its way Chez Soup this week. I am ridiculously excited about this.


They look so pretty hanging from my potrack. Much nicer than hidden away in a drawer.

Tonight I christened the biggest one ... I made pea soup! Yep, really. It was delicious with carrot and cheese muffins.


Son No. 2 is not particularly interested in the qualities of copper and stainless steel cookware. He finds the box far more pleasing.


Jane said...

Your son could not have been wearing more appropriate clothes. He looks like something from the Marcel Marceau school of mime and box-wearing. Wonderful photo.

SueeeuS said...

Copper is beautiful (and gorgeous with cobalt blue, which I think I spied in your kitchen in a previous post). I think it's perfectly normal to be extremely excited about pots and pans. :)

(Box wearing is much fun as well.)

shellyC said...

how fantastic to be able to have your gorgeous new pots on show!!! I love making all kinds of soups too!!

blackbird said...

They are quite beautiful - the pots...will you let them tarnish or will you shine them?

My boys can play for days with boxes, but I am sure you are not surprised to hear that.