23 August 2005

self portrait tuesday


Wrinkles and all.

My eyes are a pleasant blue and a nice shape, but they don't work terribly well. I am, as they say, as blind as a bat. I have been ever since I can remember. When I started school at age 5 I had to sit at a special table practically underneath the blackboard. Thankfully another child sat there too, a little boy who was even tinier than I was and blinder than I was, with a gorgeous shock of bright blonde hair and an impish grin. He is now a doctor apparently. I am not.

At age 7 I got my first pair of glasses. My eyes continued to deteriorate steadily, to the point where I needed a new prescription every six months. I lived in terror of going completely blind. But my vision plateaued in my mid twenties just as my opthamologist promised they would, and now that I am officially middle aged and starting to suffer the 'over 40' long-sighted effect, they actually 'improved' by half a point recently!

I have an on-off relationship with contact lenses, and cannot bring myself to go under the (laser)knife to get my vision surgically corrected.

When I purchase a new pair of glasses the opticians still take a step or two backward in shock when I present my prescription.

(Mr Soup has perfect vision. This week the three little croutons get their eyes checked. I await the results anxiously).

Update: all three have perfect vision. Hooray!


K said...

I had laser eye surgery 5 years ago. and I LOVE IT! Granted, my eyes weren't that bad to begin with. but I LOVE IT!

PS you have lovely eyes!

Chloe said...

Oh My Sainted Aunt!

Three Little Croutons!!!! I love it!

(and I use too many exclammation marks!)

SueeeuS said...

Your eyes are gorgeous. ...eyes like the sea, after a storm... (ref from The Princess Bride)

I had rk (pre-laser, where they did use the knife) in 1994, and have been quite happy with it, but must admit that I made the decision on a whim and wouldn't have had the courage to follow through with it had I actually taken a few moments to think it through before it was all over.

Mr. Squished has perfect vision as well.

Fingers are crossed for the Croutons!

♥ joleen ♥ said...

Thankfully I am the one person in my family without eye problems as of yet. You have stunning eyes even if they've caused problems along the way. :)

chench said...

Croutons have eyes? They can see? :-) I hope they have a good check-up!

maria said...

great picture!! and i like the background on your vision as well... cheers! mav