1 August 2005

small but perfectly formed

Have I mentioned the obsessive nature of Son No. 1? Recently he went through an origami obsession. Our house is now filled with paper flowers (some of which he stuck on chopsticks and arranged in a vase) and all sorts of animals. We have a Japanese crane mobile hanging from the kitchen pot rack.

And then it somehow went from the sublime to the ridiculous and he made this.


I left the matchbox in the shot so you can see just how tiny this crane is. It defies imagination.

The matches, incidentally, remind me of a funny anecdote. Here in Australia there is a well-known entrepreneur, adventurer and philanthropist called Dick Smith. He is part of a big campaign to buy things made and owned in Australia. So ... the supermarket shelves here are filled with things like Dick Smith Canola Oil, and Dick Smith Tasty Cheese. And because redhead matches are not made by an Australian-owned company, he has launched a line of matches. Called Dickheads.


I noticed in the first shot that the dish that sits on my sink and holds scourer, sponge and plug, has a 'modbird-like' design on it so thought I'd offer a closer look. I have 3 dishes made by this particular artist - every time we go to Sydney (3 times, in 18 years of togetherness) we visit the famous Paddington Markets and buy a blue chicken dish. (They do fish too, but the chook design is more aesthetically pleasing).


blackbird said...


SueeeuS said...

Maybe one day he'll be a fine surgeon!

Maggie Ann said...

How interesting! I admire your son's skill. I like doing a little origami but find it takes a good mind to remember what to do...when.

Amy said...

My oldest daughter makes origami creatures now and then. They are pretty on a Christmas tree.

Mojavi said...

for my BIL wedding we made 1000 for good luck... it took FOREVER!!!

Barb said...

Oh my gosh, those matches are hysterical. I HAVE to get some for stocking stuffers this year!!! And I love the Redheads design (being a redhead myself). I've tried to acquire Redheads glasses on ebay before, but have always been outbid. I did buy some Redheads match boxes with unique covers, and will frame those eventually. And it's great that your son loves origami--it's a nice obsession. There are quilting books by Kumiko Sudo that are basically origami with fabric...something else on my "gimme" list.

Jane said...

My children would love the matches - they are all budding pyromaniacs anyway.

You son's origami is lovely - how great that he can and will work the detail.

And just to reassure you, there really was nothing worth anything in the skip and the books going to Oxfam are things like 1980s Margaret Drabble novels with covers that (please tell me I'm right) will never be in design fashion again.

Shell said...

My brothers girlfriend makes tiny paper cranes like that out of the silver paper from people's cigarrette packets. I can't make them that small - you're son must have an eye for detail and a lot of patience.

Pretty bowl - you'll have a lovely collection one day, one that you can be truly proud of - imagine collecting over all that time!

And yeah, dickheads give me a chuckle too.

ms*robyn said...

love the bowl. I havent been to Paddington markets..Balmain, Rozelle & Glebe but never Paddington..a must next time for me !