18 September 2005


Our chooks are enjoying the spring sunshine. They reside in the herb patch and don't move about much.

Mother Partlett is the demure, retiring type who prefers to hide under the Jerusalem sage in the shade. Chicken Little is the spotty one nibbling the thyme, and Pricketty Pracketty is the brown brazen hussy up the front hogging the limelight.

Here she is again in close up. She thinks this is her best side. (It is. Her other side is a little bland to say the least.)

One day I will get real chooks and that will give Pricketty Pracketty a run for her money.

(And a big hello to my friend F. whose chooks are named after women politicians ... Indira, Bronwyn, Margaret, Natasha, Joan and Amanda).


Boofykatz said...

Hi Suse, nice blog, specially piccies. Noticed your interest in Burmese cats. How many do you have?

Barb said...

God I love this blog. Thanks for reading mine again and posting. That's gold to me.