22 September 2005


I just heard an urgent traffic report on the radio that a mother duck and her ducklings are trying to cross the freeway. Drivers are asked to slow down on the Eastern Freeway to allow her to cross.

My heart is in my mouth.

This is a regular occurrence in spring in Melbourne. And it brings me out in a nervous sweat every time.


Gina E. said...

Suse, we have several duck families roaming around Eltham all year round. One pair at the end of our street have about a dozen ducklings every year, and everyone who lives around here is aware of them, and drives accordingly. The other duck families live on the Main Road, but amazingly, they don't seem to suffer too many casualties either, despite feeding right on the side of the road with cars and trucks whizzing by!

BabelBabe said...

Good heavens, how very humane and compassionate. I salute you. Here in the states, they'd be duck pate before you could blink.