30 September 2005

end of the week ramblings, those looking for show and tell, keep scrolling down

I love words.

I adore how language grows and develops (although I'm not fond of the current omnipresent 'like' as in And she was like, and then I was like ...). But while I welcome new words and in particular, localised words, particular to certain areas or countries, or jargon particular to certain industries, I don't like the way other words drop off to make room for the new ones. Surely they can live in harmony, side by side? When words become extinct I miss them. Well, some of them. Some words currently in danger of extinction are:

pipkin, bonnet, petticoat, gumption, gruel, fetching, frock, fracas, epicarp (which means a rind/husk/shell) (ok, that one wouldn't really be missed ...), hornpipe, maudlin, maunder (to move or act listlessly, to talk in a rambling dreamy manner), haver (to talk nonsense, babble), bawdy, curmudgeon, balderdash.

On the subject of English, I have been enjoying Engrish.

Other sites discovered, rediscovered and/or enjoyed this week include Poppymom, Show and Tell the blog, (not blackbird's show and tell Friday meme), Suburban Turmoil, Glamourouse, friendbunny, and some of my old favourites petite anglaise, and the beautifully written finslippy and fluid pudding.

Fluid Pudding, along with Loobylu are my fairy blogmothers. Meaning that they were the first blogs I really read. I came across Fluid Pudding as earlier this year I was reading some other blogs about miscarriage and someone linked to FP. I was intrigued by the name (still am), followed the link and was hooked. A couple of weeks later when the miscarriage blogs were no longer needed for moral support I was googling knitted flowers, and up came Loobylu. I read her, followed her links to other crafty blogs and about three seconds later carved out my own little corner of cyberspace.

Note to Dani ... I've tried to get to your blog three times tonight and it's crashed my computer each time. Yes, the red shoes are from Colarado that outdoorsy, campy type shop which has some great stuff this season! My shoes are over a year old though so good luck ... Also I haven't forgotten your request for a pic of the loom. It's coming. I'm just slack.


dani said...

Oh god I find that so annoying when sites do that to me that sometimes I decide never to go back there again. Sorry, but I can't imagine what is wrong with blogger?? Hope it doesn't happen anymore. And thanks for letting me in on the Colarado secret. And looking forward to the loom!

Gina E. said...

When I read your link for Engrish, I wondered if it would be what it sounded like - and yes, it is. Thanks for posting it - got quite a few laughs! I have a penpal in Japan who came to stay with us for two weeks a few years ago. She speaks English very well, but still made occasional bloopers, which we could not stop ourselves laughing at! Fortunately Aiko has a great sense of humour, and I suspect some of her "Engrish" was spoken deliberately, in order to make us laugh!!

Gina E. said...

Me again, Suse - I meant to say before - you would enjoy Toastmasters, if you are not already a member? We place a great deal of emphasis on using (and pronouncing) words correctly. At every meeting, we have a "word of the night" which is presented by one of the members, and everyone is encouraged to use it at some point during the evening.

shellyC said...

I heard Justine on Playschool the other day say the word "fetching". I do love that word and of course "frock".