17 September 2005

Friday Show and Tell

Today's show and tell is your bathroom.

Here at Chez Soup we have two rooms for ablutions. First, the one downstairs.

blue bath

I tiled that floor myself. Also half the wall, but it took me weeks and then I caved in and called a tiler who finished it off in about 2 hours flat.

Unlike other people I didn't take multiple shots, but now wish I had, so you could see the doorknobs, of which I am particularly proud. Blue and white handpainted porcelain. Also the window covering in the loo is a vintage linen tray liner (apparently). The stained glass window is lovely ... we picked it up in a garage sale when we were renovating the house and got the builder to fit it in. It faces east so the morning sun shines in and reflects odd colours onto the naked body in the shower.

The rubber duck has retired to the top of the shelf. The seahorses are papier mache and a recent acquisition from the Sunday Art Market which I am too lazy to google and find a link to.

Peek through to the loo. The empty basket sitting folornly in front of the toilet usually holds spare toilet paper rolls. The walls are sponged a pale pale blue. I made Mr Soup tone it down and down and down until it was subtle enough to be barely there. Interestingly (or perhaps not, but don't leave yet) it looks bluer in this photo.

Note to self: buy loo paper

All along the left wall which you cannot see, are floor to ceiling bi fold doors, behind which the laundry is cunningly concealed.

Shall we venture upstairs?

tan bath

I did not tile any of this. I knew better by this stage.

This is the master bathroom, or ensuite as real estate agents say. It is tranquil and serene, and I never in my life thought I would choose a beige room, but I love it. The towels, which you can't see, (why didn't I take lots of pics?) are deep purple. The mirror is handmade (another craft market purchase) from art nouveau pressed tin recycled from old houses. The original part of our house has pressed tin ceilings but they're Victorian style not art nouveau. The incense holder is a pottery buddha, a birthday gift from a dear friend. The window has wooden blinds. The taps are pointy and hurt your hands, I wouldn't choose them again. (Did you notice the old style lever taps in the downstairs bathroom? They are comfortable).

I am particularly happy with the pebbles inset into the wall tiles. I like the whole natural materials theme in here.


blackbird said...

so so lovely.
and each in a different way.
I love the tiles, and the colors and the stones.
and the glass and the loo.
just everything.

SueeeuS said...

ooh ooh ooh, that (upstairs) SINK! I *LOVE* it! And the rubber duck downstairs. Love that too! So many nice touches. Very tasteful. All of it.

p.s I see you figured out a way to rotate/crop. woohoo!

jak said...

Very beautiful- both of them- your master is so calming-love that- and the counter top-WOW!- love the loo too-how cool are those lines- here i said "seen one toilet,seen them all" well, I miss spoke-didn't I? I suspect the rest of your home is just lovely!:)

Jane said...

So tidy!! Where are the dropped soggy towels, the tubes of toothpaste oozing because someone left the tops off, the empty loo rolls no-one can be bothered to throw away? Actually, there aren't any in my bathroom either, but that's only because I am the sole representative of the bathroom police in this house.

I really enjoyed reading the thoughts that are swimming around in your brain at the moment. That's a lot of brain activity!

shellyC said...

When looking at houses to buy, I always checked out the kitchen and bathrooms first.....your house is gorgeous...is it still up for sale?....it would be snapped up in a flash! Well done to you for all you wonderful touches.....lovely!!