26 September 2005

A grand day out

As this is the last year that we will live in walking distance of the Royal Melbourne Show, I thought we ought to go. It's on for 10 days every September, and we hadn't been for the last couple of years. It's very tantalising for the children as we can hear the fireworks every night from our house. They race out of their beds and into the back garden and up to the top of the ash tree as fast as they can (in pjamas and slippers, in the pitch dark). But it's not the same as being there, up close.

So, I packed the camera (just for you!) and we braved the crowds.

We were impressed by the craft section. Many preserves. Gloriously coloured preserves.

Incredible cakes. This one was the best. (I was going to say 'this one takes the cake.' But I refrained.) An edible sugary construction of Luna Park. Complete with little folk riding the roller coaster, hands in the air. Breathtaking. But it made me wonder about the person who made it ...

We got up close and personal with a llama,
vertical llama

a cross looking rooster,

and a duck with a very odd coiffure.

The evening 'entertainment' was a monster truck show (gah! Son No. 2 loved it). So did all the people in black t-shirts around us. This was followed by a very young very blonde American woman in a shiny tracksuit whose husband fires her out of a cannon. Rather fast.

Then came the fireworks. We all agreed they weren't as good up close after all, and that actually, when viewed from a tree in your very own garden, they are more enjoyable.

But this was the best. Up there at dusk, with my three wee boys. We could see our house from the top!




blackbird said...

oooh! a wonderful outing.
were there all kinds of festival foods?
did you get afraid on the ride?

(so typical that I ask after the food...)

Suse said...

We took homemade tamarillo and apple muffins, bananas and water for afternoon tea.

Dinner was corn on the cob purchased from my personal favourite pavilion, the 'From the Paddock to the Plate' one. Yep, the 'we feed em up big and strong, kill em and enjoy em with tomato sauce' people. Good, down to earth country people.

The ferris wheel went faster than I expected. But I was v. brave.

SueeeuS said...

Is that cake ALL sugar, including the coaster and the people? Sugar paste? Marzipan? What a lot of work. And sugar. Yikes.

I like the pic of the rooster. And the pretty preserves. When I was little I entered a plate of snickerdoodle cookies in our county fair and won a blue ribbon. Seems like they gave most kids blue ribbons! It was fun though.

Did they have cows and lambs and rabbits and pigs and pottery and quilts and woodcrafts and such?

Suse said...

Yep, cows, pigs, dogs, cats, goats, lambs, embroidery, pottery, rides, showbags, baby animals, you name it. It's a 'bring the country to the city' thing. And it's huge.

Snickerdoodle description/recipe please?

SueeeuS said...

Am I supposed to remember a snickerdoodle recipe from 30 years ago??! Ha! It was probably a Betty Crocker recipe. I'm sure I wasn't very original. Maybe I added more cinnamon. Snickerdoodles are a soft chewy sugar cookie that is crispy on the outside and baked in a coat of cinnamon sugar. Deeeelish. Happy Food.

Gina E. said...

Great photos, Suse! It has been years since we went to the Show -Ken used to like seeing all the animals (frustrated wannabe farmer), and I always headed for the craft and cookery sections.