24 September 2005

I can do that!

Son No. 3 watches his big brother carefully, taking it all in. I can do that! he thinks.

As soon as the loom is free of No. 1's project, he grabs it, strings it up and is off. He weaves steadily, obsessively, for three days. He enlists help getting it off the loom, and No. 1 sews it up for him.


His very own purse. In rainbow colours.

Guess what he keeps in it? His tiny statue of the archangel Michael.

As you do.


Alice said...

What a lovely little story of brotherly cooperation. How old are these little men of yours? I'm sure No. 3 is very proud of his work, as he should be.

blackbird said...

Of course.

robin said...

i love the toggle. nice job son no. 3!

Jane said...

What a beautiful piece of work. As their mother you must be incredibly proud to see not only the finished article but also the process. Well done to both the master weavers.

(And those colours - wonderful.)

Suse said...

Alice, they are 11, 9 and 6. Geniuses, all three.


dani said...

That purse is gorgeous. What an artist. Can we see a pic of the loom too please?

Anonymous said...

What a terrific job. Love the colours.

Toryssa said...

I love that story. I love the bag. I love that you are proud of your little boy for being artistic, I hate to hear so many parents making gender stereotype statements to their sons, it's not cool.

It's beautiful and makes me smile.