19 September 2005

knitting as therapy


In between writing and writing and writing and housework and writing, I managed to get these off the needles and sewn up for Son No. 3.

Knitting is so therapeutic when I'm stressed, and I made sure that I knitted these in natural undyed pure wool, on wooden needles. I find natural materials soothing and calming; no negative energy. When my mood is different I can cope with brightly coloured plastic needles and vibrant wool. But not right now.

The buttons-to-die-for are from a fabulous shop recently discovered in Hawthorn. Full of exquisitely finished natural handmade items for the home. Lots of raw beiges and creams, with the odd dash of red thrown in for contrast. Very stylish, and appealing to an urban hippie like me. I could spend serious money there (if I had serious money).


blackbird said...

I like to rub some lavender oil on my hands when I knit so my projects smell delicious.

robin said...

those are great slippers... what pattern did you use?

SueeeuS said...

Those buttons!!!! Love 'em!! You are so talented. And the soothing and therapeutic effect of natural materials makes so much sense.

heather said...

those booties are great!