5 September 2005

a middle child


This is No. 2, who I have realised I haven't written about very much.

He is a golden child, blessed in every way. He is beautiful to look at, funny, lively, witty and loving. He is popular at school and always surrounded by a coterie of adoring fans. He is extremely intelligent, at the top of his class in reading, maths and spelling. He is a gifted athlete.

Like his mother, he is a dabbler. He tried scouts, and after two terms decided it wasn't for him (I did not protest at all). He tried violin, but after a term he dropped it (I did not protest. It's hard having a big brother who is a brilliant violinist). For the past two terms he has attended a modern/creative dance class. The teacher tells us he's a natural. I am working to persuade him to see it through to the end of the year. He has recently decided cricket is his thing. So, next term, cricket begins.

He is trying to find his niche in this big, confusing world.

He is a middle child.

Postscript: I tried to grab a couple of other photos that showed him running riot immediately following this pensive shot, and Flickr informed me that it is having a massage.

That's an admin notice I've not encountered before.

Update: Flickr's shiatsu complete. Photographs herewith.



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blackbird said...

that flickr's got some life eh?

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ms*robyn said...

it seems that your middle child likes soccer as well.. has he tried that? my nephew did & is now playing rep soccer and loving it!

BabelBabe said...

i am having great angst about turning my "baby" into the middle child within the month. Your post really helped me think about it in a diferent way. Thank you. I feel less guilty!

and your son is gorgeous.

Sarah said...

awww... your son is so sweet. I was cracking up about the message from Flickr.. is that for real? too funny!