21 September 2005

our grandparents went to Sri Lanka and all they bought us was elephant dung

My parents have just returned from abroad. (I love the sound of that; sounds ever so English. Here in Australia we say 'went overseas'. But my parents are English, so they went abroad.)

They went all the way to Sri Lanka to attend a wedding. As you do. They had a wonderful time by all accounts and visited many temples, climbed many steps, saw many monkeys and many many elephants.

And brought back for their three little grandsons ...

... elephant dung paper. (As you do).


The boys threw away the wrappers these little notepads came in, which is a great pity because I was looking forward to utilising the macro setting on my new camera (I'll shut up about this new camera soon, I'm sure) and showing you the label, which had a teeny tiny little picture of an elephant eating, then an arrow to the next teeny tiny little picture of an elephant sitting on a toilet (I kid you not), then an arrow pointing to the next teeny tiny little picture of a pot being stirred, and voila.


Made from the poo of elephants.

Aren't you glad you read this blog?


Jan said...

You learn something new every day!

blackbird said...

I am ALWAYS glad to read your blog.
HOWEVER I cannot help but wonder how the paper smells.
I fear I will be wondering about it all day.

Jane said...

Oh yes! (A comment from abroad.)

Tried to send an email to you today but AOL was having none of it. The whole system is playing up.

BabelBabe said...

It reminds me of nothing so much as that silly "Everyone Poops" book. And perhaps a bad joke that begins, "How can you tell if an elephant has been using your toilet?"

Yes, how does the paper smell?

and ok, i must say that my comment to type in for verification purposes was, i kid you not, mvrmypu. how appropriate.

ladylinoleum said...

It's fab paper no matter what it's made from...

Alice said...

The paper looks beautiful. I have a 'thing' about paper, as does ShellyC. I'm sure it doesn't smell at all, well, not bad anyway. Actually, I'd love some elephant poo for the garden. Wouldn't need much to cover the garden, would I. Perhaps I could keep an elephant in the back yard just for that purpose. Not sure if it would like Canberra's cold winters though.