29 September 2005

Show and Tell, a day early

I have just spent far too much time photographing myself in preparation for Friday Show and Tell, and far too much time uploading to flickr and writing witty amusing anecdotes about what I'm wearing.

And have just realised it's Thursday.

I'm totally up the creek this week. Yesterday I kept thinking it was Saturday. I wonder what tomorrow will be.

Herewith, my post for tomorrow.

So. This week's show and tell is What You Are Wearing.

Let's begin.

I am wearing pink cords again. A different pair to last time (see self portrait tuesday, last week), but also from an op shop. And my favourite red shoes. Colarado. Like walking on air. I also have them in brown, in better condition, but these are my favourite. Every woman should have a pair of red shoes.

Here they are again. Can you tell I really love them?

I am also wearing my new ring that my parents brought me from their recent trip to Sri Lanka. Did you know Sri Lanka is famous for its sapphires? Nup, me either. But it is. The ring is too big for me and I haven't had a chance to get it resized so it must sit behind another of my rings to stop it slipping off. (The ring in front is my paternal great grandmother's wedding ring. I was named after her.)

Wow, my fingers look so wrinkly close up. Blech.

I am wearing my hair up, as I have done every single day now since April, with a tortoiseshell clip.

I'm also wearing a pink t-shirt and black cardigan. Nothing much interesting to say except the cardigan is one of those long line ones with 32 buttons and accompanying little loops. Very last decade. I got it from an op shop and wore it twice before deciding that the buttons drove me crazy and so the next time I took the children and dog to the park, I also took my sewing scissors and spent a productive hour hunched over snipping off each and every button and little loop. Now I wear it fastened at the top with a kilt pin and that's it.

Off to see whether anyone's wearing a ballgown or scuba diving suit. (Tomorrow.)

Note to self: buy handcream.


robin said...

your hands are beautiful, as is your ring.

note to self: buy red shoes

Jane said...

Hello on Thursday - or is it Friday there now or is it still Wednesday here... Great post. Unfortunately, they don't make my size shoes in red as they don't think many men would wear them. (I'm sure there is a great range of large red shoes for transvestites, but they are not going to be flat, are they?) Shame, because I have always fancied a pair of shoes like yours.

I do like the idea of bloggers in diving suits and ballgowns all desperate to join in this week's show & tell.

Beautiful ring.

laurie said...

hey, i'm wearing red shoes today too!!! born's. a shade brighter red than yours. more like fire engine red with tan soles and a tan maryjane strap. wish i could post a pix on my site!! love them, they are like walking on clouds too. and i agree, every woman should have a pair of red shoes!!

SueeeuS said...

I want red shoes. I want red shoes. Must have red shoes. Why don't I have red shoes? (I have a raspberry purse. I wanted the red one, but it wasn't 75% off. The sacrifices we make.)

The sapphire is gorgeous. And your hands are nice, you silly thing.

Kali said...

I secretly admire women who wear red shoes, and I know that one day I will own a pair...
I love the way you look, so casually elegant and lean, ~ and that mirror is to die for, is it white tin??

Suse said...

Kali, if you look at my show and tell from a couple of weeks ago
you get a better view of the mirror. A lot of the houses round here are 100 years old and have pressed metal ceilings, and an enterprising woman turns old bits into picture frames and mirrors to sell at the local market.

maria said...

really great pics!
and i know what you mean on the handcream...
love the red shoes.

cheers! mav

dani said...

i've got a pair of red campers that are my favourites but i love those colarado's. do you mean the outdoorsy store colarado? i think i need those shoes!

Kali said...

Loved the pics of your bathrooms ~ That mirror is to die for! I've wanted a mirror like this for ages, but haven't been able to locate any here is Hobart.

Susie Sunshine said...

Love your shoes. I got red sandals this year and have worn them all the time. Red shoes for cooler weather are now a must-have.

You have crafter hands, this is a good thing. They are talented and useful and rather than just a place for rings to rest upon.

Catherine said...

I have shoes JUST like those! I shall have to post a photo on my blog!

Yay for red shoes!

jojo said...

OK, I've been all over the web looking for shoes like yours and I can't find them. Is the brand name colarado? Not coming up with anything. Do you suppose they don't sell these in the US? Bah!