12 September 2005

stupid incompatible technology wot I hate

Oh I couldn't stay away for long, but this is a fleeting visit.

I have just done a quick fly around cyberspace and seen that Amanda had a baby girl and took a glorious photo! And Jane went to Cambridge for a literary weekend (!) and took glorious photographs of red berries.

And I? I am weeping with frustration. I am the proud new owner of a Canon Powershot A520 digital camera. And a computer that at a mere five years of age cannot support the software necessary to even LOOK at the photos that I am CERTAIN are positively glorious. If only they could escape from the tiny little screen of the camera onto the wonderful big screen of my iMac that is not ancient but only five years old.

I interrogated my local computer whiz who informs me that I cannot purchase the upgrade operating system as it won't work. He steered me towards a shiny new computer. And then to a small but perfectly formed laptop. Sadly, the purchase of either of these is a loooong way off.

It did not occur to me that the camera wouldn't go with the computer. Am I naive or stupid or what? Never in a million years did it occur to me to ask. (My digital movie camera works just fine).

On a different note, my bloggy site meter (somewhere down there on the right hand side) informs me I have a reader in Slough (England). I am now living in mild terror that one of my husband's family members reads my blog.

(Note: I only have one husband. Just so you know. That sentence might be misleading).

And on another note, thank you to everyone who left such kind comments recently. My life is still crazy and I have far too much to do and worry about and as you can see I continue to procrastinate. But Son No. 3 is ok. And I still have no work but that's fine cos I don't have the time to go to work right now. And the wedding was beautiful. (And one day the photos to prove it will be set free and I can show you us all gussied up for the occasion.)


Jane said...

Fear not, Suse. The reader from Slough is probably me - and the last time I checked, I wasn't psychotic/psychopathic/related to your husband. I don't live IN Slough, but not far away, and your site meter may not be detailed enough to track me down to my hiding-place.

Can you relax now?

SueeeuS said...

I don't know anything about iMacs, but your pics are on an SD card (I believe) so there may be inexpensive gadgets called card readers that you can pop your photo card into to retrieve. I know they have them for PCs. I don't know if they are OS specific or universal. Seems like they'd be universal. Or, since you have a USB interface cable, maybe somewhere in your computer you have a 'twain interface' wizard thingy that you could use to set up a connection to your camera to fetch the pics. Or, there may be a way to simply browse to it as a peripheral directory. Macs are supposed to be more user friendly than PCs so I would think that they have some sort of easy to use way to get to those pics, and you just have to discover it. Maybe a browse through your help documentation. Or the internet. I'm sure there must be a way to get those pics!!

stephanie said...

Yes, try getting a card reader! They are not very expensive and should work fine with your older Mac. Good luck!

Jill said...

Also, I'm pretty sure that with that camera, you can hook it up to the TV and view the pictures on the TV screen. I have a similar, older Canon model, and it is built to be able to do that. Good luck!

Chloe said...

And, I think some camera shops offer a downlaod service??? Not what you want to do all the time, but take your camera in there, and they give you back a CD. Guess they have a card-reader.

Good Luck - it must be frustrating