22 September 2005

Take your pet to blog day


I haven't participated in pet to blog day for some time but the tone of this blog has slipped considerably lately anyway, so here it is. The dog's bum.

I was happily visiting a couple of blogs yesterdy morning, still in my dressing gown (it's school holidays AGAIN here). Son No. 3 joined me, then the beast, then Son No. 1 appeared with camera in hand. As he snapped a picture of the three of us, the dog went into one of those fabulous yoga-dog-pose stretches. And so, just for you, gentle readers, here it is.

Gets better with each day, doesn't it?


SueeeuS said...

Awwwww, I miss my hounds. Don't miss their flatulence though. yeeeeeeeeks!

blackbird said...

we've covered poo.
and butts.

for tomorrow!

maria said...

this is a GREAT picture!!!!! i'm so glad i could see it larger by clicking because i wanted to really see it! odd since it's a bumm! :) so fun...
thanks for posting, mav