15 September 2005

unloading the brain

Stuff whirling about upstairs right now ...

• being inspired to get out in the garden again the minute I have some time
• replacing my dead 'Zepherine Drouin' (heritage thornless hot pink climbing rose) with a Meyer lemon tree; the pot is huge enough, the spot is sunny enough
• visiting CERES with the children these school holidays
• trying out that salmon and spinach pie recipe
• four new wooden spoons from the local Vietnamese supermarket, angular rather than round, aesthetically pleasing
• one of these wooden spoons living in my sourdough starter pot for daily stirring
• little floral tin from the op shop, filled with hair accessories for 9 year old girl's birthday
• de-cluttering the boys' bedrooms
• making children's cloaks out of op shop blankets (for winter) and chenille bedspreads (for summer)
• maybe sell/swap them online
• exciting to see the sue by two label in clothes again
• salute to the sun
• clarity and colour in my new digital camera
• laptop computer (pipe dream)
• essays essays essays
• real estate agents
• Queenscliff Music Festival
• making wrap around skirt and huge circular collar for No. 1 Son's costume for his class play (the story of Osiris and Isis from ancient Egypt)
• the look on the boys' faces when they realise they have to wear skirts. on stage
• No. 2 Son's amazing bowling style (cricket)
• No. 1 Son's quirky bowling style (self conscious, v. dainty hop-skip at the end). bigger boys are going to laugh any day now and that will be the end of cricket for him
• flowery Douglas & Hope-style cushions for the couch
• going to bed at a reasonable hour. must must must
• sourdough toast with fig jam in bed on Sundays
• Alpen brand hot drinking chocolate
• english breakfast tea
• No. 3 Son drinking organic chai. doesn't like tea. the idea of a 6 year old drinking chai cracks me up
• my hands look old
• new yoga class
• full yoga breathing. remember to practice daily
• acknowledge that the next couple of months are going to be hard going and be kind to myself
• acknowledge that most days I do manage to be a good mother
• sort out the linen cupboard
• scratches and nicks add character
• ironing to Schubert
• stop and notice the joy
• mindfulness
• Louis Malle's 'Au Revoir Les Enfants'
• find the wind up bird chronicle
• sew a pink toile bag for myself
• having a little girl so I can make her one of these
• make a new knitting needle roll that is long enough
• a knitted cotton loofah/face washer
• olive oil and poppy seed soap balls

No wonder I'm burnt out. I'm thinking too much.


SueeeuS said...

Yes, yes, have a little girl. Oh yes! Such a darling dress! I want to have a little girl too. Later. But not too much later.

Toile purse - do post when you're done. I happened upon some Amy Butler patterns that were cute during a recent internet quest. Then saw that Totally Crunchy made one. Small world, this internet!

Isn't it a relief to unload the brain and see it on paper. It helps the whirlwind seem to slow down a bit, but only a bit. Blackbird's invited readers to a new show and tell. Hope to see some fruits of your new cam on Friday!!

blackbird said...

I'd say you are!

Alice said...

I found your site through my daughter's (Shellsandbeans) and the name of the rose that you want to replace sparked my interest. Do you live in Vic. (Australia)? I wondered if your Zepherine Drouin rose was bred in Drouin in Gippsland. I went to school in Drouin and wondered if you had any connection with the town?

Looking forward to reading the rest of your postings.

Suse said...

Hi Alice, no, no connection with Drouin. The rose Zephirine Drouin is an old French Bourbon rose, first bred in 1868. Its scent is magnificent and its best feature is that it's thornless. And repeat flowering. It has a pale pink sport (rose-talk for offspring) called Kathleen Harrop, that is perhaps even lovelier.