25 October 2005


Handmixer still unreplaced.
Dishwasher still broken.
Car still dead.

And now the computer mouse is broken.

That's four!


jojo said...

Sooo sorry you're having such a rotten week! Hang in there. Doubt if it can get any worse, right? Poor thing!

Gina E. said...

Oh Suse, it never rains but it pours, doesn't it...while I am here, you asked on my blog what TD & H stands for. Tall Dark and Handsome (nothing obscene there, you NAUGHTY girl, lol!)

Miss Eagle said...

Suse, my sympathies. If things are happening in fours you must be African. Did you know that European traditional stories have threes - three pigs, three rings, three wishes and so on but African traditional stories have things happening in groups of four. Keep pouring the stiff drinks.

blackbird said...

...you didn't break a glass did you?

Toryssa said...

Four? That is NOT supposed to happen.

I hope things start looking up soon!

dani said...

break the glass!!!!