28 October 2005

it's all about toile

I have lately been discovering my inner romantic. I have had a secret, ongoing passion for toile de jouy for some years now, and have decided to express it. Today I made a black and white toile cushion to go on the vintage cane chair in my study, to match the toile swag I slung over the window last year. It is aesthetically pleasing with the mustard coloured walls.

While on a roll, I made a pink and white toile cushion cover to go on our bed. We have a frilly old fashioned sort of bed, so I'm going the whole hog and completing it with floral quilt and toile cushion. Then today while dropping off a couple of bags at the op shop I found two vintage pillowcases with pink rosebuds and blue ribbons. 50 cents apiece. So I couldn't leave them there, could I? Mr Soup looked quizzically at me, then turned away with a resigned sigh.

We used to have a very mod futon, but after ten years of breastfeeding the babes in our bed it needed, er, tossing out. Futons have a tendency to go mouldy you know. And you have to roll them up each morning. Which doesn't look great. In fact, it kind of looks depressing. So when friends of ours ditched this old bedframe, I snapped it up.

And discovered abovementioned inner romantic.

PS: Son No. 1 was not breastfed until he was ten. I have three children, remember?

PPS: this post also qualifies for Friday Show and Tell


blackbird said...

I am singing...I'm so happeeeeeee
so happeeeeeeee!

I love your bed.

We have toile drapes in the dining room ---mmmmm! green ones that I got for $5 at a church sale. Lined and beautifully made.

jak said...

I love your bed too- it's beautiful-

I have a wing back chair in dark blue Toile de Jouy that I found newly recoved at a thrift store- I think it was to much taste for the person and they dump it! I love it-

Happy Anniversary too- I missed your post yesturday-15 years and still counting- that's great

my bed is up-have a nice weekend suse

The Complimenting Commenter said...

Those look very professional and well done. The whole set looks wonderful. Good job.

jenny said...

I love that headboard/footboard set. Very pretty.

la vie en rose said...

love the toile...my bedroom is also very feminine and has a parisian decor using the b&w toile with touches of pink. it's my favorite room in the house.

Poppy Buxom said...

Now that the toile addicts have outed themselves, I'll take a better-late-than-never picture for show and tell Friday. My bed is a toile-a-rama, I tell you.


p.s. Nice blog!