13 October 2005

it's all Greek to me

Scene: Strolling along the beach after school.

Six year old son: That seagirl has headcups.
Me: Pardon? (Thinking: is he speaking English?)
Son: That seagirl. It has headcups.

I look to where he's pointing at a seagull engaged in a coughing fit after eating what it assumed was a chip (it was actually a cigarette butt).

Translation: That seagull has hiccups.


Jane said...

Lovely. It's amazing how quickly you forget these gems if you don't record them.

dani said...

oh sweet story. except for the bit about the cigarette butt.

christina said...

How adorable. I'd have headcups after eating a cigarette butt too!

Toryssa said...

That's cute!

Did you know that "It's all Greek to me" is from Shakespeare? I just found that out the other day. I had no idea.