18 October 2005


Conversation overheard in the bath tonight.

Son No. 2 (giggling somewhat): What if somebody didn't care about others? Only cared about themself?

Son No. 3 (wildly): Yeah. Like penguins!

All three children laugh maniacally.

Mr Soup and I out in the kitchen look at each other.

Like penguins?!


blackbird said...

oh yeah.
penguins are horribly selfish little beings.
puffins are dear sweet things -- always thinking of their mothers.

Carol said...

Hi from Texas in the USA. i really enjoy your blog. I too enjoy the wisdom or amusement my kids (3 of them) offer up. We love a singer, Lyle Lovett, who sings a song about penguins with the line, "penguins are so sensitive, penguins are so sensitive, to my needs." So there's that. He is not a performer for children, by the way, but is hard to categorize, country, blues, jazz.

la vie en rose said...

Hehe...who knows where it comes from but I'm sure to him it made perfect sense...

jennypenny said...

lol! kids are hilarious and so innocent, i love that! i am just glad they don't know yet that there ARE people that don't care about anyone but themselves. But how the heck did they come up with penguins?... that's random

jennypenny said...

oops forgot to say i am here from michele's :)

Victoria said...

that is a very sweet story! I love reading little tidbits from your life. Keep up the great blog!