25 October 2005

self portrait tuesday: photo documentation

There has been much whinging on this blog of late, so first off, some pictures to lift my spirits.

I woke up this morning and found my California Tree Poppy in bloom. I nurtured this plant for years, urging it along, tending it lovingly, but it never did much. Didn't thrive. Then, after about four years it suddenly took off. I now have to prune it viciously or it takes over the front garden. Yesterday I found a bit growing up through the verandah boards.

Next door's banksia rose is doing its thing, all over our back garden. It looks fabulous for two whole weeks of the year.

Son No. 2's oak tree is wearing its Spring clothes. He grew this from an acorn. The pot was his birthday present (his request).

And now for some self portraiture: photo documentation of one's day. Last one for the month.

The carpets were steam cleaned this morning. The equipment was amazing. But we are still soggy underfoot this evening. Bit concerned.

Our mechanic has taken the car's computer away for intensive diagnostic procedures. I collected the children from school by train. Son No. 3 thought this a marvellous adventure.

The other two were less impressed.


blackbird said...

Love the pictures.
I want that shed..and that little tree...and that little boy.

don't even get me started about cars and computers and diagnostics.


la vie en rose said...

The pic of the poppy is amazing. It made my heart happy.

robin said...

no 2s oak tree is perfect! how sweet his spirit must be to request the pot for his tree friend! i just love it! sounds like something my sadie would do. and it is a lovely pot. what a good mommy!

shellyC said...

Your house is so beautiful....I would love to buy it!!

Are you moving far away??

Jane said...

What lovely outside paint colours.

I used to think travelling to school by train was very exotic when my friends did it. I had to catch two buses and would have much rather been on the train - so much more exciting.

Suse said...

Jane, I should clarify that the light blue is indeed the house, and the brighter blue is our garden shed. I always wanted a blue house.

Shelly, we are moving from inner city Melbourne, to outer suburban/bushy outskirts of Melbourne. Bit of a cultural change!

And please, do come and buy our house. Right now preferably, so we can skip all the rest of the 'opens', and the auction and everything stressful.

BabelBabe said...

yes, apparently there is something in the air this week, affecting only women.

the pictures are wonderful, i love seeing things thru other people's eyes. you are a talented photographer.

and my boys think riding the bus is a terrific adventure. which i think is hilarious. must be a little boy thing.

dani said...

love you house! the hallway, the paint work on the exterior. great photos this week!!!

Jeanne said...

I'm so impressed with your tree poppy! They are apparently notorious for being difficult and temperamental the first few years, even here in their native land. We call them matilija poppies. Even our garden bible gets mystical about them, and says, "To make seeds germinate, mix them with potting soil in a foil-lined flat, burn pine needles on top of flat for 30 minutes, and hope for sprouting"!