4 October 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday - self documentation #1

A very domestic day in the life of ...

Wake myself up by having a shower. Long and hot. Pears soap.

Drop the children at school. Day 2 of the final term for 2005.

Meet a friend at the local nursery for a cup of tea and plant buying spree. Herb seedlings, some native grass seedlings ...

... and a delicious clematis. (Clemahtis, or Clemaytis?)

Home. Hang out the washing. Plant most of the plants.

Make bread (in the bread machine).

A quick lunch. Good grief, look at that butter sculpture! I didn't notice that at the time.

Half an hour of blogging and emails, then some (paid) work on the computer. Like my mouse mat? A present from a friend who travels to the US for work a couple of times a year.

Collect the children from school. And just for a certain someone, I stop to take a photo of a signpost that I pass every day.

Bake kiwifruit & coconut muffins for afternoon tea with the children. Burn the tray of mini ones.

The rest of the day is undocumented. (I ran out of steam).

No.1 Son made pizza for dinner. No.2 Son and I put together two bar stools purchased at Freedom, with 8 bolts and 2 allen keys. (He did a better job on his stool than I did, and wants to mark his somehow so he always sits on 'his' stool.) Bodies were bathed, stories were read, knitting was undertaken, and finally, bedtime arrived.

Phew! I managed a whole self portrait self documentation without a single picture of me.


Susie Sunshine said...

You have tea with your children?!

I set out cookies and milk when they come home, then hide behind a sturdy door so I don't get a flying crumb lodged in my eye during the feeding frenzy.

blackbird said...

That is such a cute sign -- I am going to steal it!
You are very kind.
No tv at your home correct?
(Waldorf rule #37)
Here is my self documentation.


SueeeuS said...

What a day! Love the mouse pad. I've eyed them before but I've only seen them for around $15 so I've never actually purchased one. You have a good friend there!!

Jan said...

My favorite photo is the clothesline shot, with that beautiful blue wall and the nasturtiums!

madness rivera said...

dreamy, suse.
I love the butter horse.

la vie en rose said...

What a full day! I'm loving this month's theme...getting little glimpses into everyone's world.

Jane said...

Lovely mini-album. I like the brickwork on the school - looks really interesting. How old is the building?

Last night I was in the bath looking at my Pears soap thinking how photogenic it was and, lo and behold, a beautiful shot of a bar appears on your blog.

stephanie said...

A great series of photos and glimpse of your day. I was on the same wavelength, but only documented the first hour of my day.

dani said...

excellent series! i can't believe how much you get done. wow and power to you!

irene said...

great pictures! I love the butter sculpture!

christina said...

I loved this sequence. So sensory. It didn't show you, and yet it described you. The muffins look amazing!