11 October 2005

self portrait tuesday - self documentation # 2

Trying to study. The sun is not conducive to studying.

I am easily distracted.

I notice that a couple of the tiny mirrors on the wooden stars and moon need re-glueing. Clearly this cannot wait. This is more important than Homer.

The jasmine needs pruning. So does the weedy vine that grows over from next door, threatening to take over my passionfruit.

I fill the green-waste bin. Fill it, I tell you!

I see myself reflected in the back door. My posture could be better.

Inside to wash. All dusty and dishevelled.

Time to pick up the children from school. Oh well, I read two pages of the Homer article. Better than nothing. And the garden looks better.

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kath red said...

love the garden

blackbird said...


tell about that skirt!

dani said...

Gotta get my hands on those shoes. Your house and garden look fantastic.

Suse said...

What am I wearing?

I am wearing a blue David Lawrence 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt. From an op shop.

And a pair of green linen cropped pants by Diesel. From an op shop.

And a Vietnamese crushed silk skirt. Double layered, with a grey under layer and a blue floral over layer. From my husband for Mothers' Day last year. (He gets it REALLY right sometimes!)

And my Colarado red shoes.

la vie en rose said...

great series...i love the one of your reflection and the one with the cute red shoes!

madness rivera said...

I love the skirt too! And all the procrastinating.

Elizabeth said...

I noticed the skirt right away! Lovely. The garden looks good too. It's nice to see a spring garden when we are putting ours to bed for the winter...at least, we should be putting ours to bed...