21 October 2005

show and tell: medicine chest

When the command came to Show and Tell your medicine cabinet I thought I would skip it. I mean, my medicine cabinet is a little embarrassing. It is not even a cabinet as such. It's an old ice cream container. Plus I considered that a medicine cabinet and its contents do not make for interesting blogging. But hey, I have posted about worse before. And She Who Must Be Obeyed must be, um, obeyed.

So here it is.


When I dragged it out of the bathroom cupboard to photograph it, I remembered that during a big clean up the other week I had tossed all the little frogs, sharks, turtles and lobsters that had been residing in the bathtub into the icecream container.

So. We have zinc cream, Vicks vapour rub, savlon, Stingose (because I live in Australia and many things sting), burn cream, an asthma pump for those attacks brought on when I forget that champagne gives me asthma, and sundry other boring items.

But all charmingly accessorised with sea-dwelling creatures.

... some entertainment recommendations.

In the past week I've seen two fabulous things. Firstly, the film Look Both Ways, Sarah Watt's first feature, starring William McInnes. I can say in all honesty it's the best film I've seen in years.

Also, The Odyssey which is on at the Malthouse Theatre. Once in a lifetime, must-see theatre. I had one or two quibbles with it (being a classics student 'n all) but overall, it was bloody brilliant.


Gina E. said...

he he he, LOL Suse! Who asked you to do that - I couldn't access any blogs by clicking on those links in your post... I reckon every medicine cabinet/icecream container in Oz would include Vicks, Savlon and Stingoes. We were practically brought up with them..bit like Vegemite, aren't they?

Suse said...

Hi Gina, the links to blackbird (who demands we show and tell each Friday) are now fixed.

blackbird said...

I love your bin of pastes and gels.

blackbird said...

oh, and I SWEAR by Vicks.
Love it.

(I AM demanding aren't I?)

jojo said...

Thanks for the link to the colorado website. Oh my, those shoes are the greatest! I think I'd have trouble making up my mind. Alas, we don't have that store here...probably good for my wallet!