27 October 2005

Thursday, 27th October 2005.

So, tell me Suse, how did you and Mr Soup spend your fifteenth wedding anniversary today?

Well to be perfectly frank, I have to admit I forgot it was our anniversary.

Not really? What were you thinking?!

Contrite thoughts.

I'm ashamed to admit it to you and your readers, but there you have it. Mr Soup awoke me with a kiss and a cheerful 'Happy anniversary' and I slapped my hand to my forehead and shut my eyes in denial. He presented me with a card and gift (a silver and black necklace) and I continued to groan embarrassedly.

My god, what a bad wife you are! So what did you do?

I got up, fed myself and the children, dressed, and left the house with my head lowered, kicking the still-dead car viciously on my way out. I spent the day at uni, texting "I love you" to Mr Soup three times in between lectures and classes. After my last class I caught the tram into the city and bought a block of chilli chocolate and a wee chocolate penguin, because you might have seen on my blog recently a little penguin reference or t ...

I'm sorry? You have a blog? I didn't know. I've never read it.

Oh do go on.

... um, where was I? Yes I have a blog. A few people read it but not too many. I'm not famous or anything.

OK, so I got home to find Mr Soup and the children there already ... Mr Soup has been on school drop off and pick up duty all week cos my car has been dead.

You'd know about that if you'd read my blog.

Well did you go out for a romantic dinner or anything?

No. We had baked beans on toast for dinner and then raced out the door to watch Son No. 1's class play.

Baked beans. Uh. What was the play?

Something about ancient Egypt. He played a messenger and a slave. His best friend's slave. At one point the best friend has to whisper an evil plot into his slave's ear. Son No. 1 told us in the car on the way home that he actually whispered 'I just farted'. Which accounts for the badly stifled giggles. Not really appropriate from a slave who had just been told of an evil plot.

But we were very proud nonetheless. And he looked cute in an Egyptian skirt.

Anything else? A romantic nightcap, perhaps? A glass or two of something bubbly and expensive in front of the fire? Something to acknowledge fifteen years of marriage?

Hell no, we were buggered. And it's too hot for the fire these days.

We did blow the roofs of our mouths off with some chilli chocolate though.

This post was brought to you via Calling all Correspondents.


la vie en rose said...

oh no...looks like he forgave you though...there's always next year...you can start planning now

Alisha said...

Congratulations on 15 years! Nothing like baked beans to seal the deal!

Here from Michele's!

Carmi said...

Sounds like a lovely way to mark the day. Happy anniversary to you both. Humor has obviously been a central - and wonderful - part of your relationship.

Jane said...

We made a pact many years ago to 'forget' our anniversary as I was so paranoid I would anyway. Then our mothers sent us cards and ruined the whole, ultra-cool effect.

These days we are doing well if we remember to forget.

Happy Anniversary. I didn't know the fifteenth was the baked beans one. I think we're on our eggs anniversary next year...

It's a shame you don't live nearby. We could have gone to listen to Kaffe together and be all overcome, swoon and sigh.

Amy said...

Suse, I loved the interview and I've linked you. Thanks for doing the Write a Newsy Article About Yourself in Third Person Meme!

blackbird said...

tee hee!
I didn't know you had a blog!

BabelBabe said...

let's face it, if at this point, with children/car/jobs, etc., you remember each other's names you're ahead of the game.

Happy Anniversary!

Elizabeth said...

I forgot one year. The dh shows up at the door much earlier than usual ( before dinner!) with a dozen roses and my eyes widened in horror. Anniversaries are a bit of a non-event around here anyway; we even took our kids to dinner with us one year when we couldn't find a sitter -very romantic.

dani said...

cool story/post - at least you seem happy after 15 years so who cares if you forgot.

Marie said...

I agree, this was a fun meme and I'm glad you participated because now I know that I have a baked bean kinship abroad :-)

SueeeuS said...

I loved reading this, my friend, and wanted to congratulate you and Mr. Soup. You are brilliant.

Miss Eagle said...

Those chocs sounded interesting. Where do you get them. I have been in Melbourne 12 months and have not managed to find any original choc shops. I'd like to able to find something like Sweet William's at Paddo in Sydney which does wonderful little native animals in chocolate.

Blessings and bliss

Miss Eagle said...

Thank you for the choc info posted on my site, Suse. Hope the house selling biz doesn't drive you nuts. It would me. Sold my house after one open house last year. Had been ill. Any other avenue would have been impossible so thankful for the miracle.

Isabelle said...

Oh goodness. I've just come across your blog and it looks really interesting. And funny. And original. And extremely well-written. Alas, having read your anniverary piece and the one with 100 things about you, I must now go and mark a whole lot of essays, urgently. But I shall be back.

We've been married for coming up for 33 years, but our anniversary is Dec 27 and we can never be bothered celebrating it much, since we're all Christmassed out. Next time I shall choose a summer day for my marriage. (Just kidding.)