19 October 2005

Wednesday evening

Wow, that was fun. Comments from all over the English speaking world! Thank you, it was lovely to hear from you. And to learn that people 'subscribe' to me ... I feel like a magazine. I feel famous. I have no idea how to subscribe to anybody. I started replying to the comments but soon gave up (how do the biggies cope?!) so will say here ... thank you.

Some business ... a couple of people asked how to find out about blog statistics. If you go right to the bottom of this page (among the annoying horizontal lines that I can't get rid of because I am technically dyslexic) you'll see a little site meter. It's free to sign up and the nice people will send you a weekly update of your stats.

Have you noticed the dearth of pictures on this blog lately?

That's right. I'm on a mission to post no pictures for a week to see if my side bar returns. Every time I post a picture the sidebar drops to the bottom. I'm getting rather miffed. So. No pictures. We'll see what happens.

Right. On to the important stuff.

I found this daft but amusing meme on someone's blog recently. (Can't remember who. Sorry!!!) You google your own name plus the word 'needs' and write down the sentences it finds. Intellectually stimulating it ain't. But so what.

Here's mine.

Susan needs opportunities to practice literate speech.
Susan needs to work on writing better songs.
Susan needs to write "her age".
Susan needs to keep reading her quit tips because her roommate still smokes outside their apartment.

And my personal favourite ...

Susan needs a lip. (WTF?)


blackbird said...

um, from where I sit, your sidebar does not disappear when you post photos -- could it just be the way you see it?

Barb said...

Your side bar will disappear if you post a photo that is too large (maybe off flickr or one of those...then you'll have to make it a smaller size). If you post off Picasa/Hello, it will size it correctly. I have learned by experience, let me tell you.

Surfing Free said...

Must try to get a site counter for my site - but before I do I just want to make sure the stats are as happy as yours! Maybe I will find out I am writing mostly to myself, become discouraged and curse the truthfulness of the damned site counter!!! We'll see ;) And thanks for your renovations mantra ... I'll try it. Part of the roof is coming off today so I can only guess what kind of mess I will return home to.

kath red said...

regarding the pictures - if you change your page width within your template you can post bigger pics -

la vie en rose said...

How fun!

jak said...

ok'that's just funny- needs a lip- I'm off to try- do you use real name- oh, hell i'll try it both ways-

i have problems with the pictures too- i think mine copy off fliker to large-even though I resize them to small- i think that's what causes my blog to be so large and hard to downlaod- I have no idea what im doing in cyber space!

TH said...

Re: the post saying where we all were reading your blog. Sorry about the abbrevations. MO stands for Missouri and SD stands for South Dakota.

SueeeuS said...

If you go to your template and change the content width to 680 and main width to 430, it will be a bit more forgiving. Also, you can manually change the width attribute to "width=400" or 380 or whatever makes it fit, in your img tags. In flickr, you can see the width attribute on the page where you see the different sizes. Pick one that's less than 430, and that should do the trick. Hope this helps.

/* Content
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#content {
margin:0 auto;
#main {