20 November 2005

100 Things About Me

I did it. In one hit! Okay, here goes.

1. I was born in London
2. I have lived in Australia since I was three years old
3. Every night I light a candle and one of the children sings a blessing before our meal
4. I believe it is important to eat together as a family every day
5. I have three boy children
6. I am not a cat person, unless it is a Burmese cat. Burmese cats are more like dogs.
7. I like dogs. We have a greyhound. He is not a retired racer, he is a reject racer. This makes me love him even more.
8. I was once an exchange student, at the age of 17. I lived in the US for a year.
9. Incense is important, but it must be vanilla, lavender, or citrus. None of that odd hippie crap like ylang ylang or patchouli.
10. I am a good knitter
11. I am not good in crowds or large groups. I go red and say nothing
12. I am good in small groups
13. In small groups, I can talk the hind leg off a donkey
14. My father used to say about me "she’s whittering again" (see no. 13)
15. Big, important things happen to me on mountain tops
16. I met my husband on a mountain top. Other stuff too, on different mountains at different times but I cannot tell you about them. One must keep something back.
17. I only go to the dentist every ten years. And I never need any fillings, just a bit of a clean and polish. I have good teeth. Bigger than I would really like, but healthy.
18. I adore being pregnant. I have easy, healthy pregnancies. I miss having a big round firm pregnant belly
19. I wear quite a bit of pink. I think this is a reaction to living with four males
20. Did I mention all my children are boys?
21. I was painfully shy as a child
22. I am very good at languages. I always topped the class in French, without even trying. I became so fluent that once or twice I even dreamed in French.
23. I now know that if you don’t use a language regularly, you lose it.
24. Lately I have had a recurring dream in which I am standing on the edge of a very high cliff, overlooking the ocean. I spread my arms wide, and cast light and love into the four corners of the earth. I love this image.
25. I am about to move On new year's eve, 2005, we moved from a stylish 100 year-old Victorian house in the inner city, to a rustic mudbrick house on one acre of land in the bushy outer suburbs
26. I think I am turning into a hippie
27. I do not wear tie-dye clothing
28. I promise I will never burn patchouli incense
29. I love Melbourne and think it is a sensational city
30. I didn’t realise this until I had lived in and/or visited other sensational cities such as London, Rome, Paris and San Francisco
31. I once climbed Ayers Rock (before we all knew it was culturally insensitive to do so) with one arm in plaster
32. I am small, and thin and yet I have cellulite. I believe this is unfair
33. My skin is not great
34. I took that Lloyd Cole & the Commotions song ‘Perfect Skin’ as a personal insult
35. I had my first child a couple of weeks before my 30th birthday
36. I absolutely love breastfeeding my babies
37. I was devastated when my second baby would not feed properly and stopped at nine weeks
38. I breastfed my third child until he was three and a half
39. I am kind of proud and kind of a wee bit embarrassed to tell people this. Mostly proud. But every now and then someone gives me a look of utter distaste.
40. I had a miscarriage just before I started this blog
41. This blog has filled some kind of hole that the miscarriage left
42. My dream job would be to be a cellist with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
43. I can only play three songs on my cello. One of which is ‘Three Blind Mice’
44. I cannot draw, paint or sculpt. However, I am drawn to artistic endeavours. I take photographs, garden, write stuff as a creative outlet, knit, sew and take enormous pleasure in making little still life tableaux around my home
45. I cannot drink coffee. I feel jittery, jumpy and as though I’m about to have a heart attack if I drink coffee. English Breakfast tea is my weakness
46. I dislike housework, except laundry. I like hanging it out on the clothesline. Also, the folding bit pleases me.
47. I cannot decide whether I have manic/depressive tendencies, obsessive/compulsive tendencies or if I am just neurotic
48. I read voraciously
49. I dropped out of university twenty years ago
50. I love reading other women’s birth stories. I love my own birth stories.
51. I am now back at university as a ‘mature age’ student and am discovering that I love studying ancient history and classics. Useless but exhilarating.
52. I am fabulous at procrastinating
53. I will do anything to avoid getting out of bed in the mornings
54. I am extremely short-sighted. To the point where staff in optometry shops take an involuntary step backward when they look at my prescription. And then say "Wow, we don’t see scripts that strong very often." This gets tiresome. I mean, these people work with short-sighted people all day, every day, for heaven’s sake.
55. Dark chocolate is important. Also, Maltesers are helpful.
56. I have a deformed right thumbnail. It is unsightly and often painful. My other nine nails are quite nice.
57. I like driving manual cars. My car is an (old) automatic. My husband’s work ute is a (new) manual. I feel really sexy when I drive it.
58. I find it sexy when you’re in the passenger seat, and a man is driving, and he unconsciously puts his arm behind your seat when he swivels around to reverse or park.
59. I have started doing that thing with my arm when I reverse, in an attempt to be sexy myself. It works, I do feel sexy when I do it.
60. Yoga is important. See how the stream of consciousness thing is working here? (I was talking about the swivelling and the spinal twist, not the sex)
61. I never talk about sex (see no. 16)
62. Sometimes I swear, but there are one or two words that I would never say. Actually, only one I think.
63. I do not like organised religion, but I am drawn to the whole Gaia/Mother Earth spirituality thing. Mostly.
64. When eating out, I find it terribly difficult to decide what to order. This is a running joke with all our friends and they always tell the waiter to start at the other end of the table. I still have never decided when it’s my turn, and my friends all say "Get the fish. You know you always get the fish." And I get the fish.
65. I have an internal compass. I always always know, inherently, where north is. Recently I discovered that Son #2 has the same trait.
66. I can be a bit of a prude. When I once worked as a kitchen hand, the chef gave all the staff nicknames. Mine was Miss Priss (from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoon). As I was only 23 at the time, I was mildly affronted at this. But also strangely pleased.
67. Son #3 notices everything. Oh wait, this is meant to be 100 things about me, isn’t it? Ok, I am in awe at the way Son #3 notices everything. (Better?)
68. Candles are very important
69. I wear a lot of black (as well as the pink) (although rarely together)
70. I love to sing. I’m not sure if I’m any good, and I am too scared to ask anyone in case the answer is no.
71. I am very particular about what my children wear. I dislike clothes with pictures or logos on them. I prefer plain, bright colours, so the child’s spirit and personality can shine through without the distraction of advertising or busy illustrations.
72. I would love to have a daughter
73. I don’t think this is going to happen
74. I am obsessed with roses. Old fashioned ones, climbing ones, and David Austins. Hate hybrid tea roses (florist roses)
75. I am a very emotional person
76. I think I can be quite funny
77. Probably also a bit tedious sometimes (see no. 74) (See also nos. 1-100)
78. I hate talking on the phone. I will do anything to get out of making a telephone call
79. I like writing letters
80. I used to regularly pray to god(dess) that I would wake up in the morning looking like Audrey Hepburn
81. Sometimes I wish I had been born in a previous era when life was simpler, less rushed and women were expected to be able to sing, play the harp and execute a perfect running stitch. And read books (all day) with a straight back. And hoik their bosom up under their chin.
82. Then I remember that in those golden olden days, they didn’t have contact lenses, dishwashers, the internet, or digital cameras, and I am quite glad I was born in these times.
83. I adore my children with a passion that frightens me
84. I often wake at 3.00 am and cry when my imagination gets the better of me
85. I believe children should have a great deal of free time to explore, play, and just be.
86. My children go to a Steiner (Waldorf) school
87. I wish I had gone to a Steiner (Waldorf) school
88. I try and tread lightly on this earth. I recycle, compost, rarely use the tumble dryer, refuse to buy coffees or teas in paper/polystyrene cups or use paper serviettes and I have "3000 head o’ worm out in the back paddock" (trans. I have a thriving worm farm in my tiny courtyard one acre wilderness garden)
89. I like baking cakes, muffins, bread, puddings and desserts
90. I hate cooking dinner every night, night after night
91. I am amazed that I made my own wedding dress
92. I have a double-barrelled surname
93. I kept my own surname when I married. If I had taken my husband’s as well, I would have a triple-barrelled surname. Which is just ridiculous
94. I never vomit. I can count on one hand the number of times in my life that I have vomited.
95. My parents are English, I am technically English, and I married an Englishman. I adore him. Well, you know, most of the time.
96. I am a very cheap drunk
97. I like gin & tonic, scotch & dry, and wine. I dislike beer.
98. I have a finely tuned sense of irony and sarcasm
99. My women friends are hugely important in my life
100. I try and be an optimist, but it doesn’t come easily


lyn said...

This is great, I can identify with a lot of your 'things'.
After 3 boys, I got my girl at the age of 40, she was a complete surprise. So maybe you never know. ; )

BabelBabe said...

awesome list.

i like the manual-car thing, and the praying to look like audrey hepburn made me laugh out loud.

shellyC said...

Wonderful to read more about you!! You must be a very delightful person to really know!!

Inspires me to write one myself...sometime!!

telfair said...

Reading this list makes me happy I found your blog, there are so many interesting and unique qualities depicted.

Barb said...

Have you tried cinnamon incense? It's nice. I love the dream image. Your ease with French may mean something--perhaps it will take you in a direction you're meant to go????

Loretta said...

Oh, yes, no. 34. I feel your pain. It is a cruel song for those of us who had/have not.

Enjoyed the list!

la vie en rose said...

Way to go!

blackbird said...

So many things in common...
the love of being pregnant, birth stories, all those boys, never wearing tie dye, having no outwardly obvious artistic and yet being an artist.

And differences too --
I don't care for dogs, was never shy,
not that crazy about breastfeeding...

oh...and 99. definitely 99.

Kim said...

I read this and wonder what it is about us all that just LOVE the 100 things about each other. I figure it's like a glimpse into the writer's soul, the life moments, the internal quiet thoughts, the external manifestations and things they notice that give an insight otherwise not seen through our regular postings.

I LOVE this and like Blackbird relate to so many of them. Except the knitting. And the roses. And the greyhound thing...although I do appreciate the reject concept meaning you love him more.

The candle lighting and kids saying blessing thing blew me away.

Sandalwood is one of my most favourite smells in the world - the boys use a sandalwood soap. On a man, I think its about the sexiest smell alive. For me, a man with sandalwood scented aftershave is to you the man doing the arm behind the chair while reversing thing.

But wait - I'm starting to do my own and this one is yours!

Jane said...

What a great list. I think you have conveyed the essence of you without selling your soul. I really enjoyed reading it - and have a good enough imagination to picture various activities on mountain tops (that one made me laugh).

Anonymous said...

suse - what a stunning list... I had to smile at some of them and agree with a lot more of them... Has made me think of my own list - but I don't know that I would be game to 'go public' with it... Sharon(Beyond the Blank Page)

Elizabeth said...

Great list. it's not that hard once you get going is it? We share many traits - the coffee, manual car, the birthing/breastfeeding ones as well as pretty much all from no.88 on down. And our family is planning to move out of the city to something similar as well. Can't wait to hear about that! One big difference? You are clearly a more prolific blogger than me!

madness rivera said...

Lovely list! I LOVE the #3 tradition. Ug, the image is so warm and wonderful.

SueeeuS said...

All smiles, what a great list.
Me too on #4,6,7 (Baby was a reject too, and such a dear love.),11-13, 21, 28,47,50, 58, 62, 66, 68-70, 72, 75-79, 81-83, 85, 87-90, 94, 96-100.

9. I like Sandalwood, actually, but most scents choke me up and constrict my throat. We have cedar and sandalwood in our downstairs bathroom.

54. Surgery!! I had it, my sisters had it. My brother-in-law had a prescription similar to yours and just had the surgery. It's a whole new world.

80. But you ARE so much like Audrey. So petite, so feminine, so her.

91. Absolutely gorgeous and I am in awe. I thought it was high-end designer from the moment I saw it (and was jealous). You never told me you MADE it! You are SO HUMBLE!!


jess said...

58 - I'm glad I'm not the only one.

And lots of others - it's so interesting to note the little things one has in common with other people.

Stjernesol said...

I really, really like your list! Is says alot about you as a person, but then again - that's the meaning of it ;)

And maybe you'll have a daughter one day, as the woman in the first comment said (lyn) - you never know ;)

niki said...

i was meant to be studying right now for my exams but i came across your blog while looking
for a painting!

anyway..ur list of things really amused me...

i can tell u have a genuinely warm spirit!!
its quite gorgeous!

thank anyway...
i was a bit of a lift me up..

Cellobella said...

Maybe we should start a support group for people who own cellos and yet never learn to play them?

My goal is to play Bach's Cello Suite #1.

I can play twinkle twinkle litte star - or at least could last time I played my cello... several years ago.


Mz. Minty said...

Love your list and everything else I've read so far.

All about birth and breastfeeding. Hope to be a midwife someday.

Just stumbled on this when looking for a pea soup recipe for my daughter, and so glad I did. It really brightened my day.

Wish I lived somewhere in the vicinity of rustic-ness and had the time to put laundry on a line.

You should aspire to play Brahm's cello sonata in e minor. When you've learned your part, I'll play along with you on the piano. : )

Anonymous said...

78. I hate talking on the phone. I will do anything to get out of making a telephone call

My wife is the same. I have to do all the food delivery orders myself ;-)

I'm going to try cooking your 5 cups cake this weekend. Thanks for posting your recipe.

h&b said...

Ran into Lazy Cow today quite by accident at my local bookshop.

She mentioned you & Perfect Skin ( I blogged about Lloyd Cole the other day, but really I wanted to link to LOST WEEKEND, but alas, no youtube ref ! )

And she does have perfect skin, so I have NO idea what she is talking about.

But I had to google you & him, to see what you said :)

Green Kitchen said...

I read this because I just wrote my 100 things. I always like to have a peek into peoples lives. Thanks.

scarlettina said...

Love these! No. 58 gave me a huge pang of loss - my Dad used to do that all the time and yes, it did look so manly.

shelleycaskey said...

i simply LOVE 'things about me' lists. they are so very interesting and informative. thank you for sharing!

sonrie said...

I have an internal compass (#65) too. It's really quite an amazing thing to be aware of.

Larissa said...

I'm just discovered Pea Soup (the blog, not the meal) and am really enjoying reading it. I have read your posts on the craft weekend and the explanation of Steiner Schools as well as your 100 things. I laughed out loud alot and rued the fact that your in Victoria not WA. We have much in common. The old fashioned time/present time was me completely and the prescription glasses except I'm long sighted. Have a wonderful day.

sjsjmommy said...

I've just discovered your blog through another one that I read, and I just love your list. Has inspired me to do one myself. It's good to have a bit of introspection once in a while...

sjsjmommy said...

Also, meant to say that a lot of your items on your list were as if I'd written them myself - I too hate making phone calls, am not good in large crowds, adore my children passionately....

patrice said...

I just read through your 100 list and loved it! I'm curious about #55. I know what chocolate is but what is a Maltesers?
I'm also enjoying your rainbow posts!

Mookah said...

Just came across your blog as we have a few blogging friends in common. Loved your list and could relate to quite a few.

You have inspired me to start on my 100 list, but am I game enough to publish it? I'm not one sharing/talking a lot about myself...prefer to be a bit of a mystery.

lmrb said...

This is wonderful, & almost 4 years after the original post. How very post modern your list is too. You say you think you might be a hippy (hey, not hippie - I know about these things! And there were things called yippies - not a good look, trust me), and you wish you looked like Audrey Hepburn. Hippy and Audrey - nope, not s likely mix in the 70s. I turned down an invitation circa 1972 to join a commune on the basis that I didn't like BO (you had to be there to know what I mean), and didn't want to be barefoot and pregnant (this thought was subliminal, my feminism was still dozing). Nevertheless, a hippy in pearls - now that might have suited me.