13 November 2005

a cultural excursion, and a dog

Last night, Mr Soup and I went to see (hear?) the symphony orchestra. It was the usual rush, feed and bath the children, organise snack for the babysitter, race out the door to get there before the ushers are ringing the bells and we have to disrupt the entire row U of the stalls, squeezing past knees and tripping over old ladies' handbags.

We subscribe to the MSO and thus have to select our six about a year before we actually go. So the conversation in the car usually runs along the lines of
What are we seeing (hearing?) tonight?
Lord knows. Something classical. The men will be in penguin suits and the women will be in black, and the German conductor has left and it's that new balding guy now.
Stop it NOW with the penguin references. You're addicted.
Oh nooo. That ain't my addiction.

The last few times we've been have been ... pleasant ... but really, after the interval we would be quietly hoping the second symphony would only have three movements, not five. Because you know, being in your own lounge room with a nice cup of tea takes some beating some nights.

But last night? Last night was great! (And that's a pun because one symphony was by Schubert and it was actually called Great.) And although it was five movements long, we were really into it, you know? Also at interval I had had a glass of red wine and so I listened to Great while holding Mr Soup's hand and every now and then whispering silly things into his ear. And I got the giggles when the old lady next to me started snoring.

Then they played the melancholy movement, which is always dangerous when you've had a glass of wine (I am such a cheap drunk). I got all maudlin and wished that instead of the snoring old lady beside me, that my friend was there and I was holding her hand too, and her husband was on the other side of her, holding her other hand, sort of like a long human chain of love and affection. And a tear ran down my cheek but Mr Soup didn't notice which was just as well because I didn't want to have to try to explain. What with the whispering and the wine breath, and all. And then the upbeat movement started and the wine kicked in again and I had such fun!

But what I really wanted to tell you about was the other piece, which was a Bach cantata and the Chorale was there and four (!) soloists. And the two women soloists, a soprano and a mezzo soprano, looked like jewels up there on the stage in their best Mariana Hardwicks. The dark haired one wore a strapless red gown that positively glowed, and the blonde one wore a strapless teal coloured one which matched exactly with my teal op-shop opera coat that I was wearing.

And that was when I realised why the intervals are only ever 15 minutes long. Because if they were long enough for a person to have two glasses of red wine, that person might be tempted to get up on stage with the soloist to see if their teals really matched. Or if it was just a trick of the light.

And really, that wouldn't do.

Totally random.
Because it's now the next night and I've had TWO glasses.
Here's a picture of the dog. He likes to hide, when sleeping.

hiding dog


Gina E. said...

LOL Suse, you are so funny! I have some friends who are also members of the MSO and they have much the same discussion as you on the day they are going to a concert, ie 'what are we hearing tonight?'
I would love to belong to this, but it's way out of our price range, so we have to make do with Ken's home theatre and 32 speakers...Our neighbours have claimed in the past it is like living next door to the Opera House. Do you know of Andre Rieu? He is our favourite orchestra leader; plays the classics beautifully as well as contemporary music.

Jane said...

I love the way the mind wanders when you're listening to classical music. It's completely different to when you're listening to Elvis and hoovering at the same time...I really enjoyed your account of the night out.

The photo is priceless. Did your boys ever go to sleep in strange positions which you'd sneak in just to look and laugh at (in between Blue Suede Shoes and Gaol House Rock)?

My Mum once sat at the next table to Ralph Fiennes in a Budapest restaurant - she gets around - and said he is very gorgeous in the flesh.

Jane said...

or Jailhouse Rock, even...

blackbird said...

saw this pic of the dog a few days ago and have been WAITING for an explanation! isn't it too funny the things they do? that big big dog with his head under there...too funny.

I would have been exactly the same at the concert. and at the emotional part I would have been crying crying crying.

it's so hard to go out at night -- the dressing up and the looking lovely and making sure that the men look lovely...eesh, and the snack for the babysitter!

must look up Mariana Hardwick.
I will wear the red, you may have the teal.

blackbird said...

oh, and re the red and teal -
this is a HUGE gesture on my part as I wouldn't be caught dead in red.

BabelBabe said...

we do the same thing with our symphony subscription -
what are we seeing/hearing, who's soloing, etc.

your dog is crazy : )that's a hilarious pic.

telfair said...

I don't even know your dog, and I already love him.

jak said...

My friend and I do the same thing with our Cal-Poly performing arts tickets- we are alittle starved for culture here- so we buy a lot tickets 6 months ahead of time- then we are like-"
"what are we seeing again and when"

Last season we ended up taking our "big kids" to a couple of "little Kids" shows- we almost didn't live to tell this story

My 10 year old thinks he's ready for a rock concert at the Santa Barabra Bowl.

your nite sounded lovely.
the doggie pic-too funny!

la vie en rose said...

wonderful story suse! i loved it!

lk said...

is that a german shorthair pointer? (the dog ;>) We have one of those, except he doesn't sleep with his head under the credenza, he attempts to sleep ON all the furniture, including tiny tiny children's chairs...