14 November 2005

daily fix


Our menfolk are gone, our children despatched to school. I am 'working from home' today, which, deliciously, means I can complete my paid tasks now or at midnight. It doesn't matter.

I know she is vacuuming and doing laundry. I put the kettle on, and pull the muffins out of the oven.

And call over the fence ...

"Em! E-em ... are you there? Kettle's on! Come here!"

And so we get our fix.


Miss Eagle said...

Onya, Suse. What a way to start the day.
Suse, can I ask a favour? I have started up a new blog. It is called "Food from Oz" and it is at
I am gradually putting my collection of handwritten and clip recipes on this site. I have a couple of self-saucing pudds I will be putting up. Could I also put(with attribution) your orange pudd up and the photo from your blog? If you would like to discuss this further could you please email me on my site, The Eagle's Nest, at http://eaglesplace.blogspot.com

Blessings and bliss

robin said...

i loved LOVED your last two posts. in odd ways they were both timely for me (long boring stories = mine). ---thank you!

ms*robyn said...

those muffins look yummy! can almost smell them

Jane said...

Did you ever read Sarah Garland's books for children - mostly illustrations of a mum and her children and huge dog (so that you could make up lots of stories from the pictures)? There's one which has the mum baking and then getting the neighbour in to the warm, friendly kitchen. Your story reminded me of that lovely book and the pleasure of sharing a cup of tea and a very delicious-looking muffin.

la vie en rose said...

yum...those look great.

jess said...

What kind of muffins?